You Are Doing This Wrong

tailgatingMost of us are well acquainted with our deficiencies. Simply telling someone they should be patient, or kind or whatever is not apt to do anything but increase guilt and frustration.  Recently, I was driving my truck with a load that was hanging beyond the tailgate by about three feet.  The load was really well secured by straps and ropes, as well as having a flag to alert other drivers.  As I turned at a light I noticed a car behind me very close.  I slowed down so it could pass me, but I was merging…on to a highway, so I thought they didn’t have room to pass and merged as well. Once we both got onto the highway that had a speed limit of 65, I assumed the car would pass, but they stayed closer than ever.  I was concerned they would crash into my load, so I gradually began to slow down to permit them to pass.  To my surprise they just continued to tailgate me.  Finally as I got down to 40 mph, the car moved into the other lane and passed.  As  she did so, I saw that she was talking on her cell phone and had been the whole time.

This person surely knew that tailgating was wrong and that talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous.  However, she needed help to change her behavior, knowledge was not sufficient, she probably assumed she would never have an accident and that tailgating was harmless.  However, when she was compelled to go 40 mph when no one else was on the road in either lane, she passed and resumed an appropriate speed, as did I.

It is God’s work in us that creates change; only pompous arrogant people think they are good and without deficiency.  They live in a fantasy.  God works through circumstances, situations, and directly in the hearts and minds of believers to bring about His will. However, we are not saved because we are good enough, lest anyone should boast, it is only by grace that we are saved.

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