God Instead

We all face circumstances in this world that are incomplete, deficient, and not what is normally expected or needed.  These range from missing a parent, even both parents, to not having a friend when one is most necessary.  I believe… Read More ›

God’s Gifts to Man

There is a lot written about identifying one’s spiritual gifts.  Much of it centers around a description of the various gifts recorded in scripture. This is good and even so, there remains a considerable amount of uncertainty on the subject,… Read More ›

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  • Searching For Your Style

    Somewhere I picked up the idea that an artist needs to acquire, develop, or create a technique, style, or niche that is unique and particularly theirs.  I think it is true regarding commercial success, but it may also be equally… Read More ›

  • A Song From God

    I asked God to give me a song with which to praise Him. I wanted it to be deep and significant, rather than fluff. I realize I’m not a musician, but I have a love for music, worship, and God… Read More ›

  • The Bride of Messiah

    The body of Messiah is united now in Yeshua and is born of the Promise and Spirit.  Every leading of the Holy Spirit is in perfect accord with each member of the body moving in a beautiful and elegant rhythm… Read More ›

  • Over There

    On November 11, at the World War I Armistice Day centennial observance, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: Nationalism is treason.”  He went on to say that “If we think our interests may… Read More ›

  • Sea of Darkness

    On a cold night in February 1864 George Dixon, captain of the CSS Hunley, and his crew of seven attacked and sunk the Federal blockading ship Housatonic in Charleston harbor becoming the first submarine ever to sink a ship.  The… Read More ›

  • That’s Hard to Believe

    This is a phrase we have all uttered upon hearing certain tales.  My wife and I have discovered that movies based on true stories are usually our favorites because truth is stranger than fiction.  Men may be particularly interested in… Read More ›

  • Resisting the Ordinance of God

    “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished: But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government.  Presumptuous… Read More ›

  • Long Patience Quick Action

    God is patient for ages, then suddenly fulfills His will and promise.  Many generations passed in the first age of men, while God’s wrath built up, then suddenly the flood came upon the unsuspecting wicked and only Noah and his… Read More ›

  • The Silliest Idea

    The idea of a utopia on earth constructed by men is the silliest idea ever.  However long we have lived on earth there has been no utopia.  All the attempts by tyrants, communists, Emperors, dictators, and even well-meaning people can… Read More ›

  • Election Day Prayer

    Heavenly Father, thank you that we can go to the polls and vote for our political leaders. Thank You for any God-fearing candidates who are on the ballots.  Give them wisdom and boldness to represent positions that support Your Word… Read More ›

  • Children of the Devil

    This is a dreadful topic, but it explains a lot of what is happening in our day.  Moreover, it is true and we need not ignore the designs, purposes, and plans of God.  “The one who does what is sinful… Read More ›

  • Bad Things Happen

    Today, I cut my finger pretty bad.  I’m thankful it was not worse.  I’m glad I was in a good place in my walk with the Lord.  I’m grateful that medical care was available and that I have insurance.  I’m… Read More ›

  • Home of the Brave

    “There is no more important struggle for American democracy than insuring a diverse independent and free media.” – Bill Moyers Irrespective of whether this statement is true, there is scarcely any diversity in media. Main-stream media is not independent but one… Read More ›

  • Worship He Deserves

    The heavenly beings surround God’s throne and worship Him with the highest of praises, bowing in surrender before Him. (Rev. 4: 4-11).  Yeshua, the Son of Man and only human to know God fully said that He seeks worshipers who… Read More ›

  • Hannah’s Anguish

    Someone is in anguish now over a destiny they see passing away.  This person is distressed from waiting and taunts from rivals.  Nevertheless, hope is found in the Lord. Carry your burden and pour it out before Father God, He… Read More ›

  • Blackface

    This week it was announced that Megyn Kelly would lose her show on NBC, Megyn Kelly Today, due to the fact that she questioned whether or not wearing Blackface as part of a Halloween character costume was racist or not…. Read More ›

  • First Man

    I recently went and saw the movie, First Man, and was pleasantly surprised.  I enjoyed it very much and it kept me entertained throughout with its suspenseful action and interesting story.  The movie is more of a biopic of Neil Armstrong,… Read More ›

  • Hidden Motives

    Do you ever question your motives?  At what point in the process of thinking, planning, preparing, initiating, working, and completing do you consider your motives?  Is your consideration an actual questioning of something uncertain or is it justifying the obvious…. Read More ›

  • Recipe For Delight

    In the middle of a dream, while I was still asleep, He gave me a recipe -“Blackberry jam on hot buttered corn on the cob”.  It is as difficult as anything to eat without making a mess, so lay down… Read More ›

  • Anti-Faith Accusation

    “Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values.  It requires that their proposals be subject to argument, and amenable to reason.  I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I… Read More ›

  • Return To Me

    I must embrace humility for this is reality.  Pride blinds people so they can’t see and they deny God.  Even many who acknowledge that He exists do not believe what He says. Some slander, accusing Him of injustice, apathy, or… Read More ›

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) was a cleric in the Church of England who achieved fame as an author during the rule of Oliver Cromwell.  He is frequently cited as one of the greatest prose writers in the English language.  He was… Read More ›

  • Choice

    The power of independence is often recognized by choice.  The phrase, “You are free to choose,” means that you have a certain freedom of will.  It is undeniable that life is full of choices, so a presumption arises that our… Read More ›

  • The Man Who Planted Trees

    This short story by Jean Giono, about one shepherd’s long and successful single-handed effort to re-forest a desolate valley in the foothills of the Alps in France, and accompanying short animated film is one of my all-time favorites.  It is… Read More ›

  • The Value of a Soul

    People are everywhere and in the city they are often packed in like sardines.  We are all different, but also similar in many ways.  The inner most being of each person is a soul, which is hard to describe, but… Read More ›