A Passion For God

“A Passion For God” by Lyle Dorsett is a biography of A. W. Tozer. Tozer, a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor, is probably best know for writing the classic book “The Pursuit of God” calling Christians to a more closer intimacy with God. Tozer was born in Western Pennsylvania in poverty and moved to Akron, […]


“Franco” by Stanley Payne and Jesus Palacios is a biography of Francisco Franco the dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975. Although a right-wing dictator who supported Hitler in his war against Communism, Franco survived World War II in power and, after a long reign, bequeathed Spain an increasingly prosperous society that would transform into […]

Insanely simple

Insanely Simple is a book written by Ken Segall on the obsessive simplicity of Apple Corporation. It makes the case that one of the keys of Apple’s success is its drive to simplify its products and processes and not let complexity creep in. This was a principle Steve Jobs believed in strongly and insisted his […]

Lion of Liberty

“Lion of Liberty” is a book on the life of one of America’s chief Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, written by Harlow Giles Unger. Henry was a very successful self-taught back-country lawyer and one of the first and chief instigators of the American Revolution and the resulting secession of the colonies from Britain. He was one […]

Schulz and Peanuts

“Schulz and Peanuts” is a book about Charles Schulz, written by David Michaelis. Beginning in 1950 through his death in 2000, Charles Schulz transformed the newspaper comic strip with his “Peanuts” children characters. His strip differed from many others, which centered around gags and action, having its characters register emotions such as anxiety, depression, yearning […]

Strat-O-Matic Fanatics

“Strat-O-Matic Fanatics” by Glenn Guzzo is the true story behind the creation of America’s most popular sports board game, Strat-O-Matic. The book traces the game’s roots from 11-year-old Hal Richman’s bedroom, his first rudimentary attempts at developing a baseball game when he was not satisfied with the statistical accuracy of games on the market, down […]

Beautiful Exile

“Beautiful Exile” by Carl Rollyson is a biography of legendary author and journalist Martha Gellhorn. Gellhorn wrote novels, travel and other books but is primarily remembered for her wartime reporting and reporting on various human rights abuses. Being one of the first and most widely read female war correspondents, her reporting spanned the Depression, the […]

Finding Dorothy

“Finding Dorothy” by Elizabeth Letts is a historical novel primarily about the life of Maude Gauge Baum, the wife of L. Frank Baum who wrote the original Wizard of Oz books. The book bounces back and forth between her early life and the 1939 making of “The Wizard of Oz” movie in Hollywood where she […]


“Kingfish” is a biography of Huey Long written by Richard White. Long was a Louisiana Democrat governor and later U.S. senator and controlled virtually every aspect of the state government from 1929 until he was shot to death in 1935 at age 42. This was true even though he held no state office after 1932 […]

Defiant Joy

“Defiant Joy” is a biography of G. K. Chesterton by Kevin Belmonte. Chesterton was an English writer, philosopher, lay theologian, and literary and art critic that wrote primarily in the early 1900s. Blessed with a sharp wit, he created the fictional priest-detective Father Brown, a very popular series in its time, wrote the definite biography […]

Mint Condition

Back when I was a boy I fondly remember coming home in the early summer evenings after playing some sandlot baseball and hoping Mom would bring me a couple of packs of baseball cards from her weekly trip to the grocery store. I loved Major League Baseball and, in the day when few games were […]

Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson is one of the best biographies of the founder of the Apple Corporation. Jobs hand picked the author to write his biography and he was given unprecedented access to Jobs and those around him which makes the biography compelling. Jobs begin his career in technology by calling Bill Hewlett of […]

Reading the Man

Reading the Man by Elizabeth Brown Pryor is a quasi-biography of Robert E. Lee. It follows his life in a loosely chronological order largely through the letters he wrote. Each chapter opens with one or more of his letters or a letter of someone related to him and is followed by a biographical narrative by […]

The Sensitivity of the Spirit

This is the title of a book by R. T. Kendall, including, “Learning to Stay in the Flow of God’s Direction.”  The Holy Spirit is my fascination, He captivates and seldom leaves my consideration, perspective, and longing.  I believe the Holy Spirit is active in the congregation of Believers on earth ever since Yeshua ascended […]

The Sovereignty of God

“It would be foolish for us to expect that this work will meet with general approval.  The trend of modern theology – if theology it can be called – is ever toward the Deification of the creature rather than the glorification of the Creator, and the leaven of present-day Rationalism is rapidly permeating the whole […]

Rescuing The Gospel

“Rescuing The Gospel” by Erwin Lutzer is a book about the Reformation.  Lutzer was the senior pastor of Moody Church in Chicago for 36 years until retiring in 2016.  The book focuses on Martin Luther who 500 years ago nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany which challenged the […]

The Lord of the Rings

When I was 16 years old a friend encouraged me to read a book he had just finished “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien.  He described it as being about Hobbits, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons and Fiery Mountains and the like.  I had always loved to read but had no use for fiction […]

Crockett’s Own Story

Recorded history may be more awash with opinion than fact.  Of course, movies and TV shows are designed to exaggerate and embellish stories for entertainment purposes, but an honest man’s own account will bear up against the cross examination of opinion.  I found “A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett” to be an interesting […]

David Crockett

David Crockett wrote a narrative biography of his life in 1835.  Unable to abtain a ready copy of it, I picked up, “Davy Crockett, the Man, the Legend, the Legacy”, by Michael Lofaro.  This book is a book report on all the books, movies, TV shows, and periodicals written about the man.  That alone is […]

The Fingerprint of God

If this being is omnipotent, then every occurrence, including every human action, every human thought, every human feeling and aspiration is also His work; how is it possible to think of holding men responsible for their deeds and thoughts before such an almighty Being?  In giving out punishment and rewards he would to a certain […]

Hero of the Heartland

Hero of the Heartland by Robert Martin is a biography of evangelist Billy Sunday.  Sunday was a fundamentalist evangelist whose sermons concentrated on personal salvation and individual morality.  He was the most influential revivalist in the United States between 1896 and 1935.  He had a theatrical aspect to his sermons.  Those who attended his sermons expected to be entertained […]

For Cause and Country

For Cause and Country, written by Eric Jacobson, is one of the very best books on the Civil War Battle of Franklin, TN.   It is an excellent read for those interested in the Civil War in general or the Battle of Franklin.  It is a thoroughly-researched book and gives an excellent battle narrative including […]

Little Girl Blue

I have long been a fan of Karen Carpenter’s singing.  She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and I loved many of her songs.  The book “Little Girl Blue” by Randy Schmidt is probably the best biography of Karen Carpenter, the lead singer of the Carpenters.  The book is based […]


Most people have probably heard of C. S. Lewis, the famous Christian apologist writer.  The book “Joy” by Abigail Santamaria is an excellent biography of Joy Davidman, C. S. Lewis’s wife.  Based on some extraordinary new documents as well as extensive research by the author it brings a full portrait of Davidman for the first […]

The Creator and the Cosmos

This book by Hugh Ross, Ph.d. is well written and interesting.  It discusses astrophysics in a way that is understandable even though it goes into considerable depth.  Dr. Ross is a believer and a cosmologist and theoretician.  This was the third edition which included many recent updates. The Big Bang theory and recent discoveries related […]