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The 5:17 to Paris

636535407591818133-PAR-08898rWe watched an outstanding movie entitled “The 5:17 to Paris.”  You might recall the three young Americans who thwarted a terrorist massacre on a train in France.  This is their story and even includes the actual men portraying themselves.  Movies based on true events seem to be those we enjoy most – the saying, “truth is stranger than fiction”, proves true.  Amazingly, this story includes much more than the action, suspense, and heroism you would expect. In the real world people like you and I have imperfections and failings that cause us to be unfit for Hollywood, but Clint Eastwood, who made

John Adams

1200I just finished watching the HBO series of John Adams, based the book by David McCullough.  I read the book when it came out several years ago.  If you have even the smallest interest in history these are well told representations of John Adams life and times.  One difference in the book was that it portrayed Mr. Adams Christian faith as having a much greater influence than that presented in the TV series.  In fact, but for the abstinence of the Adams in French decadence, while the ambassador…