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What I Need and Need Not

psalms-51-10Sometimes we reach a point where a repurposing of all things not surrendered to God the Father, is necessary. (Rom.12:2). Yeshua described it…”If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matt. 6:23).  If there is to be any encouragement, any love and peace, any satisfaction and rest; then it must come from God and flow to others. (Eph. 2:4,8; Rom. 5:12; Gal.5:13).  My destiny is not contingent on having friends, nor anything others seem to have or desire.  My destiny is dictated by the presence and work of God within my innermost

Differences in Felt Needs

11b59d9ad3e3f3279ffaf540b64bc0b5I have several married friends where the husband has recently retired and the wife continues to work.  I’m currently in that situation, as I was required to take early retirement, so I’m really rather young, good-looking, wise beyond my years, humorous,  and possess a vivid imagination – Ha-Ha, just kidding about all that, except retirement.  However,  I think I’ve noticed some characteristics that God means for our good and which the enemy twists to cause oppression.

Women generally have a higher need for security than men. Men generally have a higher need for affirmation and purpose or identity which is often derived, in part, from their occupation.  I refer to these “needs” as felt needs because God