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I am praying for some people, I call them prodigals, meaning that they have left the people who love them, and/or lost their direction/destiny and/or are entrapped and taken captive through wrong and deceptive thoughts/behavior. […]

The Prodigal Son

clip_image002_thumb1In this parable, (Luke 15: 11-32) the younger son asked for his share of the estate.  He took his share, left, and squandered all he had received; ultimately he found himself starving in a foreign land during a severe famine.  In his desperation he decided to return to his father’s house, asking for nothing, but to be only a servant in the household.  Upon his return he was welcomed by his father as a fully accepted son, given the best robe for clothing, a ring for his finger and sandals for his feet.  The father celebrated and gave him all fullness as his recovered son. Now that the younger son had received the father’s grace and restoration, I believe, he understood the true worth…