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Jim and Casper Go To Church

41ixsibkj8l“Most christians have been immersed in church culture for so long that they have no idea how non-Christian guests might interpret what they see and hear at a worship service, or what might inspire them to come back.” 

Is the Christian worship service for God’s pleasure or a sales meeting?

Are Christians to conform to the ways of this world?

Is it a “what” or a “Who” that might inspire a non-Christian to come back?  If it is a person, is it a marketer disguised as a Christian, or is it Yeshua/Holy Spirit?

What does scripture…

Atheist And Proud Of It, But Why

atheismThis is a partial list of celebrities who are purportedly atheist by News N Buzz website and comments attributed to each.  It is likely profitable to be atheist in Hollywood, so as to the true heart-felt beliefs of these folks, it is hard to say, and since they are alive, they may yet come to faith, particularly, as they age or drop out of the limelight or favor with Hollywood or the political left who seem to run it.  However, these objections to religion and/or God, provide an interesting sample of complaints, demands, dreams, and misunderstandings to support their unbelief.

  • We invented God.  Morgan Freeman