Atheist And Proud Of It, But Why

atheismThis is a partial list of celebrities who are purportedly atheist by News N Buzz website and comments attributed to each.  It is likely profitable to be atheist in Hollywood, so as to the true heart-felt beliefs of these folks, it is hard to say, and since they are alive, they may yet come to faith, particularly, as they age or drop out of the limelight or favor with Hollywood or the political left who seem to run it.  However, these objections to religion and/or God, provide an interesting sample of complaints, demands, dreams, and misunderstandings to support their unbelief.

  • We invented God.  Morgan Freeman
  • I for one…would like to see some proof there is a God.  Seth McFarlane


  • If only I wasn’t an atheist, I could get away with anything, you could just ask for forgiveness, and you would be forgiven.  Keira Knightley
  • I rip out lev. 18:22 (“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”) from bibles in my hotel room.  Sir Ian Mckellen
  • I would hope I would be judged on whether I lived a true life, rather than whether I believed in a certain book, or whether I had been baptised….Lance Armstrong
  • Faith isn’t enough for me.  Adrian Foster
  • I regard religion with fear and suspicion,…I’m offended by some things said in the Bible…. Emma Thompson
  • If religion was wiped out, it would be gone, but if science were wiped out it would still be true and someone would figure it out again.  Penn Jillette
  • He made a documentary film to debunk the myth of Jesus Christ.  James Cameron
  • God sucks, I’m not going to believe in him, but the guilt stuck.  Hugh Laurie
  • This award is my god now.  Kathy griffin
  • I can’t believe in something I have absolutely no evidence for…John Malkovich
  • I don’t believe a billion Indians are going to hell, I don’t believe we get cancer to learn life lessons, I don’t believe a young person dies because God needs another angel…. Piper Chapman

“Science alone is true” and “show me the proof of God” are similar, they offer a false premise, which will never lead to a sound conclusion.  Science is extremely limited, regularly updated and corrected, filled with unsupported theories accepted as fact, and often shown to have been biased or simply wrong.  For example, for many years women were told that estrogen replacement therapy was good for their hearts,while in fact is was the opposite and was harmful thereto.  Science does not even know what gravity is, although it is measured and described by its predictable consistent behavior.  Science can only say it is an attraction of one body to another, which is a non-answer.  Science doesn’t have much understanding of the human body, much less cures or causes for many infirmities.  Science knows very little about the earth, much less the solar system or galaxy, or universe.  Science is a worthless God.  Proof of God’s existence is the created world in which we live, it could not have evolved or just showed up by accident, math and probability establish this, even given billions of years.

The Bible offends me… because I want to do what I like; because I’m better than you; because it convicts me of my wrong-doing; because I took offense against what someone else said about the Bible or about me; because I want to set my own rules and change them or ignore them, whatever I want; because I want to be my own god….therefore, there is no God.

It takes much less faith to believe the Bible than it does to believe the support offered by atheists.  The Bible itself is evidence of God in that it was written over 5000 years ago and has remained consistent and unaltered as evidenced by the dead sea scrolls.  No other books has existed for even a few hundreds of years.  The Jewish people are also evidence of God in that they have existed an equally long period unlike any other people/nation on earth, and this is the message of God to His created people.  The predictions in the Bible are also proof of God’s existence, as they are fulfilled precisely, and nothing can match it’s accuracy in science or history.  If the Bible could have been debunked it would have been done already.  Moreover, the person Jesus has been irrefutable for over 2000 years, the new testament witnesses evidence him and there were over 500 who saw him after his resurrection.  I have never seen any of these celebrities personally; some of their comments are offensive, and science tells me they are not very smart, accurate, or truthful, therefore, I don’t think they exist.







3 thoughts on “Atheist And Proud Of It, But Why

  1. I would suggest, if you want to be a true “defender” of your faith, you actually meet people (famous or not) and have an honest conversation. Of course, you’ll need to put on your listening cap.


    1. As I listen to Chris, he says, you don’t actually meet people or have honest conversations. In other words, you’re ignorant and untruthful. This is arrogant bigotry in a most condescending tone.


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