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The Church in America Today and Tomorrow

40931612-christian-music-concert-with-raised-handThe Pew Center did a massive survey in May 2015, generating many statistics, in general concluding that evangelical churches were growing while others were declining.  Also, within Evangelical churches “non-denominational” churches were growing significantly.  American society as represented in the media is in decline morally and spiritually, aided by liberal judges in the Supreme Court and in the other two branches of Government.  This should come as no surprise, unless it is about the speed with which American society is transforming. What does this mean to those comprising the church in America? What lies ahead given such circumstances?  What is happening in the American church irrespective of statistics of population?

The church, the…

Feelings vs Mental Assent

baptism_holy-spiritThese  are two aspects of faith and they offer much to debate and divide those who favor a particular view.  In revival we see each in operation, but mental assent is much more difficult to observe than the emotions and associated feelings which flood out in all sorts of expression.  Is a particular revival event truly a work of God or simply a show of men? Always and necessary is the Bible’s admonition to test the spirits (1 Thess. 5:19). That test is based on the fruit that is produced.

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Recognizing the Holy Spirit

what-is-the-holy-spirit-dove-1The critical issue in our Christian walk is will we be led by the Spirit or by self, human will, skill, thought, ego, imagination or other motivations. How is the distinction made – even when it is acknowledged to be wholly critical?  Here is a list (in no particular order) based on scripture and illustrated by personal experience.

  • Cover decisions in prayer – Prayer is for every occasion, every person and every purpose.[i] The Holy Spirit leads and inspires prayer,[ii] therefore, in prayer the Holy Spirit was be very active.
  • Note the constancy of peace within – We are called…