Phantoms and Praise

We have what we think are people in our minds, but really they are merely phantoms of our imagination. Our memories, mostly those troubling ones, in some aspect, concoct a character of names, faces, images or events that are pieces of this phantom personage, lacking true substance, parts, but not of the whole, fragments, but… Continue reading Phantoms and Praise

A Song From God

I asked God to give me a song with which to praise Him. I wanted it to be deep and significant, rather than fluff. I realize I'm not a musician, but I have a love for music, worship, and God is not limited in His ability to give me a song for His glory. I… Continue reading A Song From God

Worship He Deserves

The heavenly beings surround God's throne and worship Him with the highest of praises, bowing in surrender before Him. (Rev. 4: 4-11).  Yeshua, the Son of Man and only human to know God fully said that He seeks worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and truth. (John 4: 23).  It is fitting that men worship… Continue reading Worship He Deserves

Recognizing the Holy Spirit

The critical issue in our Christian walk is will we be led by the Spirit or by self, human will, skill, thought, ego, imagination or other motivations. How is the distinction made - even when it is acknowledged to be wholly critical?  Here is a list (in no particular order) based on scripture and illustrated… Continue reading Recognizing the Holy Spirit