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Comprehending God

dd5884b427fdf65a1327a8ede6918027We are finite and limited in our understanding, but Yeshua came to earth to show us God’s love, his nature and character.  God is powerful enough to make himself known, in fact, it took the cruel death of His one and only Son to do it, so He did.

I was once asked, “What is your vision of God, how do you picture Him?”  I thought and had no image of God in my mind, even as I tried I could not imagine Him.  For years this was so, until one day…

A Vision in Worship on Easter Sunday

Fallen AtheleteI saw an athletic event at an outdoor stadium.  The athletes were highly skilled and the competition fierce.  There were many spectators cheering for the champions.  As the event neared its conclusion, a weaker participant faltered and fell.  Falling to the field he was broken and defeated.  The crowd was silent and seated bearing with humiliation for the loser.  Then from the stands a solitary figure stood and walked onto the field, helped the fallen athlete to his feet, embraced him in friendship and exited, not shying from the crowd’s contempt for defeat.

I marveled at the sight…