Comprehending God

dd5884b427fdf65a1327a8ede6918027We are finite and limited in our understanding, but Yeshua came to earth to show us God’s love, his nature and character.  God is powerful enough to make himself known, in fact, it took the cruel death of His one and only Son to do it, so He did.

I was once asked, “What is your vision of God, how do you picture Him?”  I thought and had no image of God in my mind, even as I tried I could not imagine Him.  For years this was so, until one day… praying with another brother, he asked what was my picture of God. He said it was important to have such a picture, even though we can not truly grasp or comprehend all He is.  So, we agreed in prayer asking for a mental image of my heavenly Father.  Then I saw God seated on a great throne, I was in His embrace with my arms around His neck, I pressed my face against his cheek.  I felt the deep and comforting emotion of being loved.  This was and remains my picture of God.

Some may read this and object to such emotional thoughts, or take offense at the concept, or question the notion against doctrine.  All that is fine, if what is invoked is pure, but if the childish nature of this idea is the root of your complaint, then you may need to become as a child yourself.  “And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’ ” (Matt. 18:3).  It was not until I hungered to know God’s love in such a personal and intimate, even emotional manner, that I could visualize myself as a  child in His father’s arms.  What is your picture of God?



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