Wild Visions

I was in an upper bedroom of the house. I looked out the window up toward the roof gable and noticed that the vent covering was missing. Inside I saw what seemed to be like a large bird sitting as a yellow cat was approached to attack the bird. The bird didn’t move as the cat tore at the birds head. As the yellow cat moved slightly away, I saw that it was not a bird, but another cat which turned its head revealing a huge section missing down to its brain. The gruesome nature of the attack with blood and what seemed to be a fatal wound, didn’t seem to affect the victim cat, who sat there as still as ever. I said to myself, I need to take a picture as no one will believe this, but my camera/phone was no where to be found – I was asleep.

When I awoke I marvelled at how real and vivid, yet bizarre the dream had been. I could understand nothing of a cat living and unmoved as half its head is torn away. I shared the vision with my wife, noting that in retrospect it actually seemed like a few images rather than a video. Slowly, meaning started to form like pieces in a jig saw puzzle. Was I the cat under attack which had been wounded severely, but gave it no thought, nor took any action in lieu thereof? If so, a considerable part of my reasoning ability had been removed, destroyed in a brutal violent attack. Though I was alive, I was just as uncaring as I had been before the attack. There I was sitting unalarmed by the preditors approach, undefending during the assault, and unmoved by the damage that had occured. 

I think there is a message in this dream. It is a picture of the enemy’s attack, successful in reducing our capacity to live fully and naturally as we are intended. Lies, deception, and our own willingness to surrender to his ferociousness and suffer the damage in silent resignation. This is what it is like to believe God does not love us. The reasons may vary and be accompanied by circumstances, other thoughts, rationalization, painful hurtful events, addiction, idolatry, failure, sin, or many other things too numerous to describe. The critical/essential issue is love – God’s love for us. All is darkness, wrong, and sickness, but for His unconditional, everlasting, never ceasing love. There is no fix to the problems or causes that brought about our wreck, only a return to life itself, Yeshua Messiah, lover of my soul. 

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