0db7bf80-8eb9-11e8-b1bf-ef26d0db4014_YEnt_TV_s2018e0135C_Day_MegynKellyDog_02_MA.pngThis week it was announced that Megyn Kelly would lose her show on NBC, Megyn Kelly Today, due to the fact that she questioned whether or not wearing Blackface as part of a Halloween character costume was racist or not.  She was predictably attacked by liberal news media outlets such as CNN for insensitivity to black people due to the fact that the Blackface might remind some people of racist minstrel shows conducted in the 1800s and early 1900s.  Even some of the cohosts on Today trashed Megyn saying what she said was stupid, racist and indefensible.  These reports and comments were themselves indefensible and hypocritical as just in 2016 NBC’s own Jimmy Fallon had worn blackface in a skit hosting the Golden Globes without any backlash from NBC. Also many others in the entertainment community have worn blackface, including Jimmy Kimmel, again without serious consequences to them.

I am no fan of Megyn Kelly.  She is a middling talent, in my opinion, who has a very prideful, boastful and self-serving nature.  She has never been half as talented as she thought she was.  Having said that, to have simply had a conversation about the racist nature of dressing up as Blackface, when so many others have actually worn Blackface without consequences, is no reason for her to lose her show or be denigrated the way she has.  The fact is NBC has long been looking for a way to get rid of her as her show has had relatively poor ratings and she has made comments critical of how NBC handled the sexual harassment allegations made against its male Talent.  Also, there was reportedly much jealousy on the part of some of the NBC Talent due to her reported $23 million dollar yearly salary that was much more than most others were making.

We are in a dangerous time in our country with persons taking offense at the most innocuous comments and some wanting to shut down a persons free speech that they simply do not like or agree with, using the excuse of being offended by it.  God help us to choose not to be offended by others statements unless they are clearly offensive but allow for free speech, even when we do not like what is being said.