What’s Wrong With Me?

Thanks to social media and the internet we are able to peer into the lives of our fellow citizens like never before. We now see each others successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, pleasures and sadness. Nothing is hidden as we bear all in efforts to find like-minded friends and acceptance in a world of unacceptance.  Instead of bringing us closer together, this new found knowledge of our countrymen has caused anger and hatred. Those who were once peaceful neighbors have become bitter enemies. Social networking has turned into social warfare and everyone is fair game. Respect has turned into ridicule and love has turned into hate.  

Social media has taught us how to quickly identify each others faults. The judgement seat of society is not fair, nor is it just. Personal views outweigh others rights as people go out of their way to harm each other. They find pleasure in burning homes and businesses, destroying careers, and ruining reputations as they claim the moral high ground. Yet, no matter how many fellow citizens they successfully defeat, their anger and hatred towards others continues to grow.  Societal acceptance comes at the high price of self-abandonment as the social influencers condemn all who refuse to comply.  

These self-appointed gatekeepers of society are busy looking left and right to see where others don’t measure up. They go out of their way to negatively impact another human’s life. If necessary, they will even create an offense to justify their bullish attacks. Instead of having a positive influence on society and teaching others how to respect and accept each other, they are teaching others that it’s perfectly acceptable to harm someone else.  

They fail to see what is obvious to those watching. The real source of their addiction to the destruction of others is pride. Whenever we set our gaze on other humans, we will find people who are happier, smarter, better looking, and more talented and successful than ourselves. Social media highlights our failures as we don’t measure up to others successes. A prideful person cannot bear the thought of being second-best. They hate what they cannot control or change. Pride and hatred drives their addiction as they seek acceptance through the destruction of others.  Their actions are no better than Cain who became prideful and jealous as he compared himself to his brother Abel. Abel offered a better (more acceptable) sacrifice to God, so Cain killed him. Instead of examining himself and learning how to please God, Cain let jealousy and hatred build in his heart, so he committed the first murder (Genesis 4).  

If we want to have a positive influence on society, we must learn from Cain’s mistake and turn our gaze off each other and look inward and upward. None of us measure up to God’s standard. Jesus said it plainly, “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). Instead of asking, “What’s wrong with them?” Ask, “What’s wrong with me?”

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