Author: Kelly Foster

I have been involved in women's ministry and teaching youth groups for many years. I hold a Master's degree in Christian Education from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Cancel Culture Gets Canceled

In today’s Cancel Culture environment, individuals and organizations intentionally seek out others with whom they disagree. Trolls continuously search the web, television and radio for their next prey. Once they find a target, they declare all-out-war on the person and seek to ruin him or … Continue reading The Cancel Culture Gets Canceled

Don’t Boast of Victory if You Haven’t Won the War

In the news and other media outlets, we are fed a daily dose of victorious boasts by radical Islamists and other unbelievers against Christians.  Moreover, current and future "victories" in the political arena by anti-Bible activists on social issues against religious liberties are loudly trumpeted. … Continue reading Don’t Boast of Victory if You Haven’t Won the War