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Myths on Earth

49f1f2489cce182e5e7663e9725c185c-2When we enter into the afterlife we will be  free of many lies, conjecture, assumption, misunderstanding, and deception that we held while on earth.  For many, the most obvious will be the existence in which we enter, but this will be of no surprise to Christians, as we look forward to it from the beginning; although not so much the it of it, but rather the whom of it.  But there will be many other, less subtle falsehoods that will be gone, for example, the class distinctions among people, everyone will be treated the same, not equally, but each with justice and righteousness. 

The powerful will…

The Greatest Thing Sought

05_28_1_webEternal life…..movies and books have fantasized about its attainment, Cortez searched the new world for “The fountain of youth”.  People are seeking to live longer lives and life expectations for populations are increasing.However, who can deliver on such a promise. 

God alone promises eternal life…