Myths on Earth

49f1f2489cce182e5e7663e9725c185c-2When we enter into the afterlife we will be  free of many lies, conjecture, assumption, misunderstanding, and deception that we held while on earth.  For many, the most obvious will be the existence in which we enter, but this will be of no surprise to Christians, as we look forward to it from the beginning; although not so much the it of it, but rather the whom of it.  But there will be many other, less subtle falsehoods that will be gone, for example, the class distinctions among people, everyone will be treated the same, not equally, but each with justice and righteousness. 

The powerful will…have no power; the beautiful will have no distinguishing beauty; the famous will have no fame upon which to rely; the rich will have no money; the genius will have no knowledge, no degrees or titles. Not only will the high and mighty be brought down, but the lowly and weak will be raised up, for the ugly will be ugly no longer; the poor will have no physical need; the infamous and insignificant will no longer be ignored or cast off.  Galatians 2:6 tells us, “As for those who were held in high esteem—whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not show favoritism—they added nothing to my message.”

Yesterday was a very pleasant day, as I contemplated God’s mercy, I thought of Abraham, the father of the faithful, how he had believed God and how it was credited to him as righteousness. Rom.4: 3-5.  Then I realized that all believers can and will stand with father Abraham at the end of days, based on their faith in God, because He is not a respector of person’s, He sees each of us fully revealed truthfully as we are.  In the end all the temporal, fleeting, fashions, plesentries, and facades of the eathly life will evaporate into nothingness and we will stand either as a believer of God or not; our lives will be the evidence of faith, no testimony will be necessary or admitted.  May we each begin to get a glimpse of the truth of who we are and live a life of faith, believing God and following His Son Yeshua, Messiah.

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