Media Credibility

CBS, the producer of 60 Minutes, has a history of lies, distortion and fraud. The President’s interview with Leslie Stahl is the latest example. Fortunately, for Trump, he had a full uncut version exposing the bias and evil intent, masked as ignorance, of the 60 Minutes producers. All one has to do is realize that CBS is the network of Dan Rather, who was dismissed after he knowingly lied on his newscast about President Bush. I thought at the time he should have been prosecuted because it was so premeditated and purposeful. He was just recently given an award by the corrupt Hollywood socialist media for his career of bias. Another evil premeditated fraud involved NBC that put incendiary devices onto a Chevrolet truck and reported that the truck regularly caught on fire. This was litigated civilly with NBC paying a very large fine. It’s hard to single out CBS as ABC was also involved in a constructed, premeditated fraud on Food Lion Grocery Store that went to court finding ABC guilty.

These are just a few cases that garnered massive publicity but they illustrate the corruption and bias of the major networks. The founders of America expressed interest in a free and open press to shine truth on government and public corruption. However, when an oligarchy of media corporations violate the trust of the AmerIcan people, it is not enough to slap theirs hands with fines or in Dan Rather’s case to remove him from his position. The same was done with respect to Hillary Clinton, who was allowed to continue her candacy for president, though she committed several felonies. She lost the election but was never held to account.

Mr. Trump was exactly right to tell Ms. Stahl that she had discredited herself. I believe CBS was shopping for phrases to parse and edit into a characterization of the President as a mean person, bigot, and/or worse. On the eve of another presidential debate structured and organized by a bias corrupt Committee on Presidential Debates, why would anyone expect to see a fair representation of the candidates positions? If I were Trump I would not participate in another setup by the socialist lying media. Until these frauds are prosecuted and criminals are held accountable, this behavior will not stop. The FCC should bar ABC, CBS, NBC and other organizations that intentionally foist fraud upon the public. The media operate under a public trust and are licensed accordingly. Their bias over thirty years is gross and undisputed. These massive corporations cannot be put in jail but their fraud on the public can be stopped permanently and it is high time that a fraudulent media without credibility should lose its control and monopoly over the public airwaves. 

Fossil Fuel Fraud

How many trillions of barrels, each containing fifty-five gallons of crude oil, have been pumped out of the earth?  This is the problem that the Democrat, Socialist, Liberal and Humanist are now complaining about and basing their predictions of future destruction upon.  Who put these trillions of gallons of oil in the earth?  Why was it developed and exploited and why did those who did so get very rich?  Why is oil the catalyst for growth of all industrialized countries?  What types of economies, life styles, health and longevity existed before the industrial age which were spawned by fossil fuels?  Fossil fuels have given the world great prosperity in all these spheres.  Before its advent wood and charcoal were burned to pollute the air and deforestation was rampant, poverty widespread, and life span fifty eight percent of what it is today.  If you want to know how hard life was just over a hundred years ago, turn off your electricity, gas and water.  I can assure you that in a few hours you will be ready to return to the age of Fossil fuel. Those who want to send Americans back to poverty, do not expect to do so themselves.

Today the ‘so-called’ scientists, politicians, and Humanist religious zealots are continuing their false prophecies of doomsday.  They have a consistently wrong track record and therefore should be ignored and discredited.  They are responsible for the prophecy of world-wide nuclear destruction in the 1950’s and 60’s.  For years in the 70’s they promoted world-wide destruction due to overpopulation.  More recently they have predicted world destruction from mass disease pandemic by strains of mutant pathogens that can not be cured.  Today, they are predicting the world will be uninhabitable in twelve years due to global warming, which has now been renamed “climate change” when it was proven there was no global warming.

When will we discredit and denounce these lying prognosticators?  They maintain that the one universal cause of all these world ending devastations is mankind or our unrighteous energy behavior.  These doomsayers blame everyone who is not willing to agree with them.  Moreover, they take no responsibility as humans for their own actions that contribute to world annihilation.  They don’t see their hypocrisy or don’t care, in fact, they likely do not even believe their own ramblings.  We should avoid polluting our air, water, and environment, but that is not the issue with these doomsayers.  They have political/religious power ambitions that drive their rhetoric which is all the more reason to resist and denounce them.

The earth has a changing cycle of warming and cooling caused by natural forces that are much greater than any combined human action over decades.  The sun’s activity changes over time, even a slight change by the sun’s standard has a great impact on earth.  Also, the oceans are vast and generate massive amounts of CO2 gases that impact the earth’s atmosphere, more than mankind could generated in decades.  CO2 is not a pollutant, it is required by all green plants and trees, which in turn produce oxygen.  Finally, volcanoes, hurricanes and lightning all have large impacts in our atmosphere and each is beyond man’s ability to effect to any degree.  This should be evidence enough that we can not influence the world’s climate by our actions, either for destructive or repairing purposes.

When a person’s motives are presented, but later they are found to be contrary to that which was disclosed, we call that person a liar and fraud.  Liars and frauds are normally punished by penalty of law, but even where their deception does not rise to the level of illegality society discredits and distrusts such persons.  It it past time to discredit and never trust these climate change frauds, even those who have been unwittingly duped by the leading schemers.  Simple common sense is enough to see that China, Russia, and other countries pollute far more than America, but America is the focal point for all climate change retaliation action.  It doesn’t take scientific research to reveal this fraud.