These are the acknowledged voters for President Trump, I believe a vast majority of them believe there was significant voter fraud in the battleground states, easily enough to greatly exceed the tiny margins which Joe Biden secured in these states. These 74 million have heard brief summaries of some of the evidence suggesting fraud, including many sworn affidavits from pole watchers and workers. However, the obvious situation alone points to fraud. Joe Biden did not campaign; he seldom left his house. His campaign was based on nothing other than “I will order everyone to wear a mask” and “I hate Trump.” Biden clearly has a significant degree of dementia and his political record is abysmal, apart from well substantiated accusations of Ukrainian and Chinese corruption which would disqualify anyone.

The Courts refuse to hear any case on its merits, claiming no one has standing? Do 74 million voting citizens have standing for the government Courts to redress their grievances of voter fraud? The Constitution says, the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” If no Court has jurisdiction to hear 74 million voters, then they have failed and shirked their authorization of authority. The Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition of twenty-eight states. The authority of Government derives from the people, if their state representatives will not be heard and 74 million voters will not be heard, it is time to impeach the Court and empanel a new one.

The Trump case must be heard, investigated, witnesses examined, and suspect workers/officials questioned, documents and video evidence analyzed and voting machines tested. If enough votes are not discovered to have been fraudulently generated or subtracted to overcome the Biden lead it will be over, otherwise Trump will be determined the rightful winner. Either way 74 million voters will be satisfied.