Hydroxychloroquine Study Fraud

The authors of the study measuring the efficacy and risks of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 has been retracted at the request of its authors. It was published last month in prominent medical journal The Lancet. The authors asked for the retraction because, after questions were raised about the data used in the… Continue reading Hydroxychloroquine Study Fraud

Trump Speaking Out

Many people, even those who support President Trump, are put off by his responses to those who falsely accused him. This is a departure from some past Presidents, particularly George W. Bush, who thought it was beneath the office and even prevented others from offering a defense.  What I still consider one of the most… Continue reading Trump Speaking Out

Pontius Pilate and Robert Mueller

Both of these men are prosecutors and they have some striking similarity in their approach.  First, they both bring charges against a well liked successful leader who championed truth and interests of the common man.  Secondly, charges were brought to these prosecutors, not supported by fact, but from a deep-seated hatred of those who opposed… Continue reading Pontius Pilate and Robert Mueller

Supreme Injustice

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts offered a rare public criticism of the President on Wednesday when he disputed President Trump's claim that an "Obama judge" had blocked his effort to deny asylum to those entering the country illegally.  Roberts said that the U.S. doesn't have "Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton… Continue reading Supreme Injustice

Honor Everyone

I Peter 2:17 instructs us to "honor everyone".  This includes honoring with our submission to the king and governors (our governmental leaders) - verse 13-14; our masters (employers) - verse 18; wifes to husbands - Ephesians 5:22; the church to Christ - Ephesians 5:24; to one another - Ephesians 5:21; and to our Father and Mother… Continue reading Honor Everyone