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Worship He Deserves

The heavenly beings surround God’s throne and worship Him with the highest of praises, bowing in surrender before Him. (Rev. 4: 4-11).  Yeshua, the Son of Man and only human to know God fully said that He seeks worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and truth. (John 4: 23).  It is fitting that men worship God along with the rest of Heaven and creation.  It was in deliverance of Israel from captivity that God called His people to worship. (Ex. 4: 23; 7: 16; 8: 1, 20).  To this day God seeks worshipers.  In worship the Spirit within each believer…

Your God Is Too Small

“Your God Is Too Small” is a book by J.B. Phillips.  My comments about the book will be in two parts, this being part 1, Destructive.  Phillips first debunks artificial concepts of God, thus using destructive as the negative focus indicates. Among his unreal God’s are the following: Resident Policeman   Parental Hangover   Grand Old Man Meek-And-Mild   Absolute Perfection   Heavenly Bosom God-In-A-Box   Managing Director   Second-hand God Perennial Grievance   Pale Galilean   Projected Image Assorted; God in a Hurry, God for the Elite, God of Bethel, God without Godhead, Gods by any Other Name Most of these