Live The Life You Are Called To

jesus-washing-feet-01It is very easy for people to find discontentment with their lives.  Whether it is having less money than thought necessary, family discord, lack of recognition for their accomplishments, their looks, or an unfulfiling job, many Christians face discontentment/disappointment with their lives. God’s remedy for this is his command for Christians to live the life that he has called them to.

I Corinthians 7:17 states “But as God has distributed…to each one, as the Lord has called each one, so let him walk.”  The passage goes on to remind us that it does not matter what state God has allowed our lives to be, we are not supposed to be primarily concerned with changing our situation but “remain with God in that state in which we are called.”

In John MacArthur’s Bible Commentary he states in regard to I Corinthians 7, “Discontent was prevalent among these new believers in the Corinthian church.  Some wanted to change their marital status, some were slaves who wanted to be free, and some used their freedom in Christ to rationalize sinning.  In a general response to that, this passage plainly repeats the basic principle that Christians should willingly accept the marital condition and social situations into which God has placed them and be content to serve Him there until He leads them elsewhere.”  

It is easy to look around and see others with (apparently) better lives or more advantages than we have.  However, happiness (contentment) is found in simply humbling ourselves to God’s plan for our lives and living accordingly – where he has put us and with the gifts he has given us.  If Jesus thought it important to wash the feet of the disciples himself, nothing God calls us to do or be is trivial or unimportant if submitted to God.  God loves us just as we are and to walk closely with Him and follow his plan for our lives is the only place where contentment can be found and all of us can find it.

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