John Adams

1200I just finished watching the HBO series of John Adams, based the book by David McCullough.  I read the book when it came out several years ago.  If you have even the smallest interest in history these are well told representations of John Adams life and times.  One difference in the book was that it portrayed Mr. Adams Christian faith as having a much greater influence than that presented in the TV series.  In fact, but for the abstinence of the Adams in French decadence, while the ambassador… to France, there was little presentation of an active faith.  HBO and the screen writers likely ignored statements of Christian faith, so as to not offend the God-haters in the audience and/or they may have falsely believed that it was immaterial.  I also suspect that Hollywood liberals can not even grasp the substance of Christian faith and they see it only as a self-deprecating condescending arrogance toward the so-called open-minded, post modern, liberal, compassionate, tolerant, atheist/agnostic.  On the contrary the more factual book clearly indicated the depth and overriding influence faith had in the American founding, even among Theist such as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin.

John Adams knew that men were prone to evil and wickedness, particularly when gathered in mobs.  As an attorney he had an extremely high commitment to the law and truth, “Facts and evidence are very stubborn things”, he said.  The protections in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence for liberty and freedom where to protect the people against tyranny from the government.  The TV series addressed the conflict between Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist view for a strong central government and Thomas Jefferson’s contrary view that the federal government should be very limited, and the rise of their respective political parties.  Perhaps this explains the popularity of the Broadway play about Hamilton, given that big government is popularized by big liberal media, irrespective of whether it is actually popular or not.

The ideas, principles and ultimate agreement of the founding fathers is incomprehensible unless seen as moved by the hand of providence.  This was evident, even if unintended, through the numerous unexplainable timing and events that came together in the founding documents, foreign treaties, financial resources, victory in revolutionary war, and gathering of particular men possessing the requisite wisdom, faith, commitment, leadership and humility to bear their role therein. America’s influence for good and that by God’s hand and mercy are truths undeniable and self-evident.  May God Almighty grant that His good purposes continue to flow through a free people who’s nation is under God, with a government that is for the people, of the people and by the people.

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