A Fascist Revolution

German and Italian Fascist revolts during the 1930’s each had their human dictator who gave voice to their power grab. Today’s Fascists in America use the media as their voice of revolt, though we have yet to see a one man leader,  yet he may arise.  A ground work was installed during the eight year Obama administration through executive orders that superseded Congressional authority to make law.  Also, through bureaucratic rule making laws were created, overridden or redefined.  An example of this was Obama’s justice department policy decision not to enforce various laws pertaining to illegal immigration. The EPA, IRS, HHS, and others issued policies and regulations that had the weight of law.  Other departmental programs were set up to override established law.  One example was a program to exempt black youth from criminal prosecution, even felonies, in exchange for money given to the schools they attend.

Fascist will use whatever means necessary to get their way.  Their  principal focus initially is the overthrow of any legitimate government that opposes them.  This is what we are seeing today in America.  A disguised coup was organized to prevent the election of Donald Trump or cause his removal, if elected.  High-level deep state operatives embedded in the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence agencies coordinated with Democrat party leaders, foreign countries, and the Fascist Media to fabricate and use false information, illegally obtained surveillance, illegal leaks to the press, and other covert means to effect a silent coup. This initial attempt was discovered and thwarted to a certain degree.  However, just as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini met some early resistance from the legitimate government and a wary public they continued their efforts and used economic crisis to gain authority until they had total power over society, even over a majority of the populace.

Just a little more than one generation after these devastating Fascist regimes destroyed most of Europe, we see fascism again on the rise.  Scoffers may not be satisfied with the available evidence and the absence of a sole leader’s human face. Yet, consider the rhetoric and fascist message that rings out unceasingly, perfectly coordinated, with little or no rebuttal through Democrat party leaders, print, radio, TV, video, and Internet media.  For over forty years a liberal bias was established in the media.  It was documented and measured by Brent Bozel.  Since 1987, the Media Research Center (MRC) has been the nations premier media watchdog.  They dont endorse politicians or lobby for legislation. MRCs sole mission is to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media.  Everyday coordinated talking points go out repeating verbatim the daily mantra of fascist dogma.  The major media companies and social media giants like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others are all controlled by blatantly outspoken fascist-humanists. Moreover, they regularly censor those who speak contrary to or against their fascism.

In the last forty years the liberal left has moved from liberalism to fascism.  Liberalism is a political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.  Fascism is a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.  The contrast is stark and the movement of liberals to fascist ideology is steady.  The growing control of Government, in all three branches, over every aspect of society is apparent, particularly as it relates to political correctness and the clash between freedom of speech and religion versus LGBTQ, minority racists, and victim rights.  Freedom of religion and free speech are guaranteed in the U.S. constitution, however the opponent groups who claim preference over all others are merely fabrications of the Fascist media.  Yes, there are small organizations that promote violence and terror on behalf of these groups, like Black lives matter, but the portrayal of these groups as a majority or even a meaningful number is total deception.  Nevertheless, they are granted prominence, favor, political power, and total credibility in the public debate.  Consider the Kavanagh Senate hearing where an accusation never mentioned in forty years, contradicted, disproven and denied with credible evidence was exalted above the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” by Democrat media.  Consider the Special Counsel, Muller investigation on-going with no evidence and branching out into evermore areas with no indication of any crime.

The Fascist Revolt is well underway and will not stop unless justice prevails to crush it.  A human face can appear at anytime they feel it is necessary and when sufficient Government control is obtained to warrant a figure-head.  Securing government control is only one battle in fascist revolt; creating a useful national crisis, silencing opposition, controlling socioeconomic matters, and fanning flames of racism and Islamic jihad are other battles being fought in this war for America.  Keep alert, the propaganda of the media is a lie and the Deep State is a serious threat.  They cannot be silenced, but they can be ignored, and their power stripped by a brave proclamation of Truth and applying equal justice under the law.

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