Gosnell Movie


Dr. Kermit Gosnell was an abortionist in Philadelphia whom this movie asserts is the most prolific serial killer in America. This movie is closely based on actual events and the court dialog is from actual court records. You might wonder as I did how an abortionist could be convicted of murder, given that abortion is sanctioned legal killing. This movie answers the question without addressing the legal issue of Roe v. Wade.

An interesting aspect that came out was the protection and bias that government and courts give to the abortion industry. There were no inspections of abortion clinics, but a finger nail salon business is licensed and inspected annually by the Department of Health. Normal and reasonable health procedures that would apply to a woman getting any kind of medical care, does not apply to abortion clinics. The court was biased against the prosecution of this abortionist and sought to keep the case secluded from the public and media.

The movie was well done and interesting without preaching against abortion as a legal issue. Of course, it is a gruesome topic and issue altogether, but the movie did not show any gore or exploitative images. Nevertheless, killing infants in their mothers womb is disturbing and most people find it a horrific evil, albeit legal. Humanist organizations like Planned Parenthood will defend this right and feel less emotion with the death of a human infant than that of a puppy, kitten, or butterfly, but this movie was not about rights.

Gosnell claimed that he was providing a service to women. He claimed he treated every woman as his own daughter, and he would not want his daughter’s life to be ruined by a baby. A baby is not a disease, curse, or poison, but rather a blessing and valuable person. Adoption is a very viable and preferable alternative to killing. Both my wife and I have friends, who were adopted as infants and as adults sought out their birth mothers through the adoption records. In each case, the reunion was joyous, welcomed, and valuable to all concerned. There may be exceptions to this, but it illustrates the value of human life and the reward to those who value and protect it.

This movie is rated 6.7 on IMDB, which I think is a little lower than it should be, but if you like true stories that are interesting and well told you might like it. It may suffer a lower rating simply because abortion is the quintessential divisive issue in America. The majority of American people did not want abortion legalized or for it to become the back alley industry it is today, funded by the government and promoted around the world with our taxes. The Supreme Court violated constitutional restrictions on matters that should be left to the states. Today, many states are taking action to effect the will of the people, some to stop abortions of infants with a heart beat and others to allow the outright killing of babies after birth. There is little room for compromise between life or death, but it is an issue of the utmost importance. I don’t think this movie will change many minds, but it could touch your heart. 

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