The Cold War in america

The aggressor Central government has been drawing its lines and threatening full scale invasion on certain fronts. The traditional free States understand that they are in a defensive posture, but they are taking steps to bolster their defenses. The tension is building as the rhetoric and cold war propaganda increase exponentially. There has been violence which wasn’t officially recognized as connected to the Cold War, but now it was clearly part of this war. 

Certain ground is usually disputed in a war between states, such that a contest of wills and ideals begin before there is any substantial physical force. In the greatest Cold War to date the USA and USSR battled in words, threats, and offensive and defensive posturing. The Cold Civil War in America pits the aggressor Blue States and the Federal Government against the defensive Red States, a minority in Congress, a minority in the Courts and the Constitution. The Red States are conservatives who do not want war on any scale, but will not voluntarily surrender their values, or rights under the Constitution. The Blue States are fascist multicultural socialists who obtained the Presidency and Congress via a deep state coup and strategic media supported voter fraud. The aggressor Federal Government is seeking to implement radical change and destruction everywhere by virtue of their victorious coup. 

Their weaponized forces are the media, presidency, and congress which are instituting processes to invalidate voter choice, destroy national boarders, bankrupt the national treasury, limit individual freedom through climate control/pandemic edicts, defund the Police, promote racism and conflict through Critical Race Theory. The Red States defensive measures are passing 2nd Amendment sanctuary laws, voter validation laws, legislative limits on CDC emergency authority, limit gender reassignment abuse, restrict abortion and bolster the Police. There are unending attacks on traditional American values labeled as racist, evil, greedy, non-inclusive, discriminatory, and harmful to the climate and social justice. 

It’s unclear when or whether this Cold War will breakout into a violent Civil War, but the aggressor Coup leadership may find it the best way to bring about the changes they envision for America in their new world order. Europe was consumed in short order as the Nazi war machine was no match for independent free States with weak defenses and marginal commitment. The really strange thing today, is no one knows who leads the Coup. Joe Biden is a dementia afflicted puppet, but the other masterminds are unknown to the American people. The worst part is growing division within families, just as in the Civil War, families are experiencing ideological divisions which seek to tear us apart. Lord, Yeshua have mercy on America and send revival.

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