Generational Issues

The Bible talks about generations because people live a brief time on this earth, then pass into eternity. Celestial beings appear to be immortal, but Satan and his demons have already been judged and will be thrown into the lake of Hell fire, the second death for men who join the enemy. The beautiful purposes of God in the interconnected generations of mankind is targeted for destruction by the enemy. The “generation gap” is straight out of Hell’s playbook; if one generation can be cut-off from another a ripple effect can happen. 

It operates through judgment and unforgiveness. The sins of the fathers are passed on even to the third and fourth generation. (Numbers 14:18) We see flaws in our parents and can take offense thereto, this guarantees that we will become that which we despised in others. The law in Scripture says, Whatever you sow you will also reap. (Gal.6:7) Anyone who injures their neighbor is to be injured in the same manner…(Leviticus 24:19) The measure you use will be the measure used for you. (Mark 4:24) The Golden rule is to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Otherwise, if you do unto others as you would not want to be treated, you will be treat likewise. The only escape is to forgive and you will be forgiven. Thus, when we see flaws in our parents (or others) we must forgive them, or we will become like them. This is proved statistically as children of alcoholics, become alcoholics themselves even as they suffered as a child of one. The only escape from this trap is forgiveness, even if undeserved. All through history Yeshua and the saints have been forgiving those who persecuted or even killed them.  Such forgiveness releases tremendous love and grace from heaven. Consider Stephen forgiving his executioners and Saul standing there, but later receiving God’s grace to be the Apostle to the nations. 

Cut off generational issues today with forgiveness. Even when others have not asked or sought our forgiveness, we can still forgive. Even if, our parents have passed away, we can still forgive and release ourselves. You might want to verbally confess to a trusted believing friend and agree in prayer together as prayer is effective in tearing down strongholds of the enemy. (2 Cor. 10:4-5) Death is not the end for man, but judgment follows and we must forgive to receive forgiveness and freedom through every generation.

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