Your Witness

My cousin relayed an encounter regarding his tomato patch and Gravley tiller. “When he saw that Gravley work and said, ‘I want one of those’, and tried to buy mine.” People can recognize what’s good when they see it. We can taste it, like honey; hear it in beautiful music, see it in a scenic landscape, and feel it like a soft warm blanket. This is the power of the gospel – God’s goodness. Our testimony of His mercy, lovingkindness and overwhelming goodness is substantial evidence and effective

How do we share the love we have found in God? What is the process for conveying that which we have experienced? Is this something for which we should prepare? Is a gist of the gospel message such as John 3:16 the basis of our testimony? How can we tell others about Yeshua? All we have is based upon our experience, we might share what others have said, but unless we experience it ourselves it is hearsay -meaning it is not first hand evidence. If you share what you know, you lived it. Your testimony of Yeshua is founded upon your relationship with Him. When have you encountered Him? What has your time together included? How do you converse? When has He been near and what has He done for you? How would you describe your relationship? To the extent you can answer these questions, it will characterize your witness. 

Since God is Spirit, it might present a challenge. Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) is in Heaven at the Father’s right hand. Yet, He said, “…it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you.” (John 16:7) So, you have the indwelling Holy Spirit, which is your connection to God. How have you nurtured and grown in this Spiritual dynamic? Where is your faith regarding the Spirit and His leading? If your spiritual progression has been minimal, you can still speak about God’s love, goodness and mercy. Moreover, those who have yet to believe can still recognize God’s goodness, even without attributing it to Him. In my communications with prisoners many have shared how God saved their lives in circumstances that should have been fatal. It was His undeserved protection that got their attention. God knows every human heart. (1 Kings 8:39) It is my belief that He gives everyone opportunities to acknowledge Him, and upon the screen of judgment day we will see how the graciousness of God was shown, accepted or rejected, and how just and loving God is in every situation.

Lord, Yeshua, thank you for revealing yourself to us and give us opportunity to share with others your abundant love, goodness and mercy. 

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