The constitutional right for a women to elect to kill her unborn baby was overturned in the recent Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case. The previous Roe v. Wade decision was definitely overturned by a majority of judges. Therefore, the right to kill an unborn baby is no longer constitutionally protected. The abortion issue is back where it should have been all along, with the State legislators and perhaps with Congress (although it has no authority in the Constitution to legally rule on a matter such as abortion). Now, those who want to kill their baby before birth can elect to do so in a number of states that will continue to permit such wickedness. Other states will restrict or prevent abortions.

Many on the left are saying that the Dobbs ruling takes away from women a valid constitutional right but the truth is just the opposite. There is nothing in the Constitution that even remotely could be construed to give a women the right to kill her baby in the womb. As the decision stated, previous abortion rulings were “egregiously wrong from the start” and on a “collision course with the Constitution.” The Dobbs ruling simply places the law back to where it should have always been.

Congratulations to the majority which, despite the draft opinion being leaked by insurrectionists to try to illegally encourage intimidation of the Justices – even at their personal residences, stayed the course. Immediately after the decision was issued those on the left declared a Day of Rage and insurrectionists have already tried to force their way into the Phoenix state Senate building and created other mayhem. On a brighter note, many states have already moved to restrict/eliminate the mother’s right to kill her baby in the womb with some states having had already passed laws that would go into effect automatically when Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Justice Thomas in his opinion took the view that this ruling could effectively overturn other rulings that found a constitutional right where there was none, such as same-sex marriage. However, Justice Alito in his opinion stated that “nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion”, so it is uncertain if same-sex marriage could ever be overturned. In the meantime, we can be grateful to God that the most egregious ruling in Supreme Court history has been overturned.