Yeshua was attested to be Israel’s Messiah by over three hundred prophetic scriptures. The statistical probability of just a few of these prophecy’s being randomly fulfilled is 1017,  that is one followed by seventeen zeros. Yeshua began His ministry with signs and wonders to establish that God was with him. He healed multitudes on numerous occasions. Many specific healings are recorded, at least three after the person was pronounced dead, (Jairus’ daughter, the Widows son, and Lazarus). He healed a grown man born blind whom the authorities admitted had never been done. (John 9:13-34) He healed people in full sight of those who doubted, at least once asking the doubters, “Which is easier, to say your sins are forgiven or to be healed?” Then when they refused to answer, He healed a man’s paralyzed legs. (Matt. 9:4-7) Those who refused to believe Yeshua was Israel’s Messiah by virtue of the miracles He performed took offense at him, accused Him falsely, and sought to kill Him. (Matt. 26:4) Is it any different today? Many faith healers have been ostracized and slandered as frauds. The evidence is in the fraud, not healing. There have been some fraudulent itinerant preachers through the years and proof was in the money they sought to extract from their followers and the well person complicit in the fraudulent healing. Many healing ministries require everyone expressing healing to have a medical confirmation afterwards to corroborate the truth of healings. People are healed in many and various ways, some are unexplainable, some through medical intervention, which God gives us.

God still heals people today, but some people refuse to believe. We have medical science and people are quick to give credit to doctors, but most doctors will admit there are circumstances beyond scientific explanation. When God chooses in His mercy to heal us directly, there is no human to persecute, only a healing to doubt. Everything God does is offensive to the humanistic worldly mindset. The fallen human nature is opposed to the Spirit and refuses to accept God’s existence and word. There seems no miracle adequate for some doubters; seeing and touching was necessary even for Yeshua’s own disciple, Thomas, but He returned to remove Thomas’ doubt. (John 20:24-29) In the same way, Yeshua will return and save Israel from certain annihilation. The enemy and his captive servants do use fraud and trickery to deceive people, but they have selfish motives, which are often plain to see. These are notably missing in miraculous works of God, to whom all glory is due. 

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