Giorgia Meloni

“And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as: Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity and roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators.” Giorgia Meloni

Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni won election and will become Italy’s first female prime minister. Meloni is deeply conservative, openly anti-LBGT, has threatened to place recently legalized same-sex unions under review and called abortion a “tragedy”. She is also against unrestrained immigration and rode discontent with the excessive lockdowns and the handling of the Covid crisis to victory. Meloni is a strong defender of “Christian civilization”, traditional family values and natural borders, which she sees as being threatened by globalization, societal changes and immigration. She is strongly anti-establishment and anti-elite. A passionate fan of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, when first elected to cabinet in 2008 she said she would not be corrupted by the “ring of power”, a reference to the ultimate power at the center of the book.

Italy is just the latest European country to see significant conservative political gains in wake of failed far left, and in many cases immoral, policies in many of these countries. In Sweden, a conservative party tapping into anti-immigration sentiment recently won 20 percent of the vote. Poland and Hungary have conservative governments that have won and kept power. The conservative French candidate, Marine Le Pen, lost her race for President early this year but got more than 41 percent of the vote. Many of these conservative political groups promote bringing back a society with more Christian morals, bringing back a more “Christian Europe”.

Many news publications have tried to slander Meloni as some kind of neo-facist primarily because as a youth see was a member of the youth wing of a small organization originally formed by fascist dictator Benito Mussolini supporters and due to her support of nationalism in general. However, her views to date are only mainstream Christian conservative and there is nothing fascist about them. She has consistently criticized Mussolini as an adult for his fascist policies.

We wish her God’s speed in attempting to roll back the liberal insurgency that we have seen around the world and pray that she stoutly defends Christian values in Italy. God help America to get leaders that are also committed to Christian values. In a time of drag queens dancing before children, millions of children aborted in wombs, homosexual marriage legalized, etc. it gives hope that someone like Ms Meloni can be elected in the Western World.

One thought on “Giorgia Meloni

  1. If the issues were simply financial, economic, defense, foreign policy or other areas typical for government consideration it would be on thing, but she clearly defines this is an attack on individual freedoms never before encountered in developed country’s. The lie is the actual fascists are the woke, humanists, sexual deviants and neo-communist, who seek to legitimize intrusive government overreach, detestable practices such as abortion, pedophilia, gender dystopia, and flagrant liciviousness into societies that have been founded on Judeo-Christian values – we are in a war of values.

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