MLK/FBI and Civil Rights

I watched MLK/FBI a documentary on the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover who sought to destroy MLK by exposing his personal faults publicly. The FBI did this by making extreme accusations of communist links, informants, and wire taps. No one is faultless and so it was not a problem for the FBI to document lapses of judgement and moral failings of Dr. King, but they did not have God and His justice as their goal, so they were not ultimately successful. MLK won the Nobel peace prize for his efforts to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Is the FBI still corrupt today?

I lived in the 1960’s, in certain limited places people were being deprived of their right to vote, because of their ethnicity. This was illegal, wrong and corrected, but it brought the issue of “discrimination” into the light of American society. During this period the Courts had established a principle of “Separate but Equal” as a means of dealing with segregation in Society. It was a human idea applied to divisive circumstances in an effort to be fair. However, human thinking is flawed, limited, and based on fairness, rather than God’s revealed truth and justice. When the light began to shine Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. got a revelation from God about several things, including how to peaceful and lawfully march and demonstrate as a means of raising awareness of social problems. He told his student followers that it was crazy to believe nonviolent passive protests by those with no political power or influence could change anything, much less a nation. Nevertheless, they prayed and had faith in God. Social justice has been redefined from correcting injustice within society, to the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. This later concept is humanist evil predicated on man as god and actually socialist tyranny. 

What MLK envisioned and taught was born of faith in God who is not a respecter of persons and shows no favoritism. He spoke of the quality of character and virtue, rather than discrimination upon ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, color, or age as things we cannot control and have no bearing on character qualities. He sought unity across ethnicity, not merely promoting Black power, as later groups attempted unsuccessfully. Today, his vision has been largely rejected and substituted with the promotion of gender and ethnic preferences, including discriminatory acts clearly opposed to laws design to prohibit it. Consequently, the division between men and women, different ethnicities and other distinctions have become paramount through identity politics with every group scratching to achieve their own preferences over others. For example, Critical Race Theory is based on discrimination towards “white” people, patently a violation of law and contrary to justice for all. 

Just as Separate but Equal had its aim of fairness, the humanists social justice is a further repudiation of Truth and Justice given to mankind from the God of the Bible. Yeshua Messiah, (Jesus Hebrew name) demonstrated and taught how we are to love our fellow man and live in harmony through God’s Truth and Justice as revealed in the Bible. We have strayed so far from civil rights they no longer protect us from obvious and outrageous discrimination. Behavior and imagination are not protected classes under civil rights laws, because these are things within our control, unlike gender, ethnicity, color, religion and age which are not. Insane and imagined identities, contrary to biology and scientific fact can have no meaning in a just society, nor can perversion, pedophilia, lasciviousness, and other despicable acts. Our children’s future, well-being, and the rule of law cannot be safeguarded unless there is a return to righteousness such as MLK envisioned.

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