The Truth as to You

I want to encourage you, not because you deserve it or that I know exactly what you need to hear, but because you need it. God gave the gift of encouragement to certain people, but like most gifts, at certain times we can all experience them, as need arises. Jonah would not have been my pick to send to Nineveh, but God knew he would bring a message to which the people would respond. Inside each person there are gifts, talents, abilities and attributes uniquely distributed by the Holy Spirit. (Heb. 2:4) Some are things we might not consider, but scripture is certain, no one can receive anything except from God. (1 Cor. 12:4; John 3:27) 

I never thought I would write anything or even have a desire to do so. I have never been articulate, occasionally people tried to embarrass me by pointing it out, but I just did my best and let the results be as they may. In these later years, I started journaling my prayers as a way of focusing with written words. Years later, my friend asked me to participate in this Blog, that was 2016. I was thinking about the power of words which are truly one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, together with the printing press. 

With words we can explain things, tells stories, express emotions and desires, share our thoughts and innermost feelings. We often fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others and as scripture advises, it is a fool hardy thing to do. You could write a tale of adventure, intrigue, or an event in history, if you wanted. I was talking with a friend who mentioned Big South Fork, National Recreation Area in KY/TN. The Cumberland river and its headwater tributaries run north through Tennessee to Kentucky and back turning west eventually emptying into the Ohio river. This is one of very few rivers in the world that runs north. Every year we camp along Rock Creek which feeds the upper Cumberland, about which books have been written, but I know these waters personally. My point is this, your life is a story of God’s love, mercy, compassion, victory over evil, faith moving mountains, and every word that offers praise, worship, adoration and devotion to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Yeshua, Messiah. 

Writing is only one illustration of God’s gift in you. Don’t let professional artists, musicians, mathematicians, engineers, inventors, athletes, or anyone else diminish the gift God gave you to give back to Him and/or to others. God will be pleased, because He is seeking those who will offer worship to Him through the fruit of the Holy Spirit. (John 4:23) This is the purpose of our gift, to worship God, independent of others. The gift is within you.

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