Biden’s Legacy

The second worst President, Jimmy Carter, asked the worst President ever, Joe Biden, to preach his funeral. 

We hear a constant drum beat of “China is our enemy”, drowning out the sound of “Russia is our enemy.” The message is from our greatest enemy, the High Tech Media/Democrat/Socialists. Yes, China spies upon us, most recently via a huge weather balloon, and they are Communists competing in the world economic wrestling match. Russia is what’s left of our Cold War opponent, USSR, which is also Communist, corrupt and spies on us, and most recently challenged our superiority by invading Ukraine. 

Does either of these Communist foes present a present threat of total destruction to America? No, but the messenger of Chinese doom, formerly Russian collusion, does present that threat and has already begun to implement our National demise. Joe Biden, the puppet face of those running the American Coup together with the Media Oligarchy are dismantling and destroying America piece by piece. If I needed to recount the decline of our military, economy, fiscal, industrial, social, judicial, moral and commercial foundations, I could, but the damages are obvious – Inflation, crime, immorality, wokeness, racial division, financial insolvency, weak foreign policy, and an invasion through our open southern boarder prove America is under attack from the enemy within.

Our greatest enemy is Communist and linked to China, possibly Russia. They hate American liberty, Judeo-Christian faith, Constitutional Republic government and the Truth. Their recent pattern has been to accuse their opponents of perpetrating the very thing they are already doing. Hillary Clinton colluded with a Russia spy to frame Trump and they accused and investigated Trump for two years. Joe Biden bribed and coerced the Ukrainian President to save his son, Hunter, and they accused and impeached Trump. Hillary Clinton removed and destroyed classified Government documents and they raided Trump accusing him of it, in spite of Biden doing it years earlier and still today. Whatever, corruption this Media-Democrat Cabal is doing currently they accuse another of doing it. They are America’s greatest threat and enemy, but they are shouting, “China is our enemy” or “Russia is our enemy”. No foreign power has brought about the level of destruction we are experiencing today in America.

Joe Biden is a “throwaway” politician, without the cognitive ability to fully function, and the VP cannot even speak clearly much less function in an executive capacity. Will Joe Biden be the President who surrenders America to the New World order of Humanists/ Communists as America is driven to the very brink of collapse? There remains one hope, Yeshua Messiah, who will return to earth as He left. (Acts 1:11)

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