Phantoms and Praise

We have what we think are people in our minds, but really they are merely phantoms of our imagination. Our memories, mostly those troubling ones, in some aspect, concoct a character of names, faces, images or events that are pieces of this phantom personage, lacking true substance, parts, but not of the whole, fragments, but not true to form, portions that do not comprise a whole. These are rationalizations that fail and stay out of focus, incomplete as a ghostly image. They are notions, singular facts that can not be reconciled and only exist like wandering stars separate and without a true course. Names and emotions are the only substance that these thoughts and images evoke and they occupy our subconscious in a struggle for meaning. The emotions are a bridge to what we believe, but not the truth. These phantoms are false in every significant aspect.

Hidden miracles are all around us and contrast to all that is fallen, broken and false. The complexity, beauty, and wonder of creation, like the transcendent power of music restores, redeems, and releases peace and meaningfulness within our inner being. In Yeshua the struggle ceases, rest and relaxation is made possible. A calm is found in the contemplation of rain, the sound of the oceans surf, clouds moving across the horizon, the colors painted in a sunset sky. These are not God, but they point to Him, from whom all life originates and is sustained.

“Lord my soul thirsts for you,

I long to be in your presence.

Draw me nearer, draw me nearer,

To the beauty of your holiness.”

I will respond to your voice, your call to me, Lord I come. 

Yes, Lord, have your way in me. You formed me and I belong to you. You have been faithful and loving in all your ways, have mercy upon me. I surrender, I surrender.

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