A Song From God

maxresdefaultI asked God to give me a song with which to praise Him. I wanted it to be deep and significant, rather than fluff. I realize I’m not a musician, but I have a love for music, worship, and God is not limited in His ability to give me a song for His glory. I thought about famous songs and how people like them. I don’t think I could put music to it, but I can sing and whistle. Still, God can give me anything irrespective of my natural ability. I will seek and find this song. I will ask and receive a song. I will knock and a door will open revealing His song. All this will be the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in my eyes. I will hear the melody and whistle it over again in my head. I will watch the story unfold, and taste of the Lord seeing that He is good. These were my thoughts and the basis of my prayer request.

About two weeks later, I realized the Lord had answered my prayer – He had put a new song in my mouth. I woke up singing a chorus I heard at church. “The exceeding greatness of your Power”. This song “He Reigns” by Kevin LeVar, centers my mind on the Lord and His unlimited greatness and power. I come to attention, Spiritual attention, eyes fixed on Yeshua and His Supremacy. I had asked God for a song, thinking and expecting Him to put it in my mind and heart. God did this, but He had one of His servants write it, put it to music, and play it for me. The result was much better than I expected or requested. Moreover, He showed me how He often works.

God does not want us to be everything to ourselves, this is why He distributes His gifts throughout the body of Messiah, the congregation of believers. He wants to bless each of us as His Spirit moves in one to touch another, the body feeding and nurturing its various parts by functioning in their respective calling. This was a practical illustration of His wonderous design. When help is needed God alerts Intercessors who pray for a release of grace; Prophets see what God is revealing and release encouragement; the Evangelist seeks pilgrims and prodigals and imparts God’s call to come, and Musicians write songs to release worship. The Holy Spirit moves in each of these giftings and many more with God’s power and goodness.

I’m thankful that the Lord heard my prayer for a new song. May you ask the Lord and receive from His wellspring of living water today.

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