Accepting the Word

 Most religions have professional clergy that facilitate the requirements of the religion to the common people. In Judaism the priest offered the sacrifices that covered sins. The eastern religions have priests that serve a similar role. In some Christian sects a priest is necessary to absolve sins and administer sacraments. However, the Bible teaches that [...]

Interview With a Believer

This is an interview with a believer who is typical, rather than ordinary, as no Believers life will be ordinary due to the supernatural influence of the Almighty God.  I put brackets around my questions to distinguish them from the responses. [Your story is somewhat unique in that you never seemed to go through a [...]

The Sovereignty of God Over Salvation

"These twelve Jesus sent forth, and charged them, saying, 'Go not into any way of the Gentiles, and enter not into any city of the Samaritans; but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.' " (Matt. 10:5-6). In "The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer the author points out that all [...]

Glorify God in Your Trials

We all sometimes wonder why God allows trials to come into the lives of Christians such as death of loved ones, poor health, loss of jobs or positions, or unhappy family situations.  We understand that we are just passing through this life and Heaven is our ultimate destination but why cannot this life be at [...]

The Just Shall Live By Faith

In Zephaniah 1:12 a pronouncement is given upon those who are settled in complacency, who say in their heart, "The Lord will not do good, nor will he do evil". This is an appropriate scripture for today as people, even those who believe in God, become complacent looking at and caught up in the world [...]

Don’t Boast of Victory if You Haven’t Won the War

In the news and other media outlets, we are fed a daily dose of victorious boasts by radical Islamists and other unbelievers against Christians.  Moreover, current and future "victories" in the political arena by anti-Bible activists on social issues against religious liberties are loudly trumpeted. These bullying tactics remind me of a premature boasting by [...]

God’s Care Sovereign and Particular

To fear God, and to stand in awe of his justice; to trust and depend on him in all conditions; to submit patiently to his will under all afflictions; to pray to him for the supply of our wants, for the relief of our sufferings, for protection and defense; to love and praise him for [...]