God’s Care Sovereign and Particular


To fear God, and to stand in awe of his justice; to trust and depend on him in all conditions; to submit patiently to his will under all afflictions; to pray to him for the supply of our wants, for the relief of our sufferings, for protection and defense; to love and praise him for the blessings we enjoy, for peace and plenty, and health, for friends and benefactors, and all prosperous successes:  I say, these are not the acts of reasonable men, unless we believe that God has the supreme disposal of all events, and takes a particular care of us.

For if any good or evil…can befall us without God’s particular order and appointment, we have no reason to trust God, who does not always take care of us; we have no reason to bear our sufferings patiently at God’s hands, and in submission to his will; for we know not whether our sufferings be God’s will or not: we have no reason to love and praise God for every blessing and deliverance we receive, because we know not whether it came from God; and it is to no purpose to pray to God for particular blessings, if he does not concern himself in particular events.  But if we believe that God takes a particular care of us all, and that no good or evil happens to us but as He pleases, all these acts of religious worship are both reasonable, necessary, and just.

– Alexander Campbell

When believers of all stripes grasp these truths in active faith, for they are foundations of scripture, will we see a church universal connected and in step with the author and perfector of our faith, Yeshua Messiah.


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