Keep The Faith

romans9-18From my youth I knew God, having a child’s faith that there was a God in heaven who had made the world and everything in it.  From that time God has drawn me closer to him and given me more revelation of Him, mostly through His word, the Bible, but all proceeding from His Holy Spirit. God is Spirit and those who seek Him must do so in spirit and truth. Moreover, God Is the Author and finisher of our faith.  It surely is inconceivable to the natural mind that God grants faith to us, although He states it is impossible…to please Him without faith.  So, He imparts the very thing He requires of us.  Some ask, how then can he condemn anyone.  Because first, He is God, and second, all salvation is God’s gift of grace or unmerited favor.  Men do this when they have private clubs which require special authorization and only allow the rich, famous, or beautiful admittance.  The poor, infamous, and plain do not rail against the club owners, as they can do as they wish with their own possessions.  Yet, God is falsely accused as unjust, although He possesses all things.  Yeshua said it was difficult for a rich man to be saved, and that he was sent to the poor and outcasts.  Also, He knows the heart, mind and soul of everyone; He does not condemn the wicked unjustly, and if he grants favor to some as He chooses it is His just and righteous will to do so.

So, with His loving-kindness and sovereignty in mind, I continue in this faith striving, not with a natural human mind and strength or worldly wisdom, but by His Spirit which lives within me.  By that same Spirit, the Spirit of Yeshua Messiah, I draw near in full acceptance to taste and see that the Lord is good, to have the eyes of my heart enlightened, becoming the fragrance of Messiah among those who are being saved.  How this faith has grown over the years that I long to be in His presence and to commune with Him in the secret place of His indwelling Holy Spirit.  May you find your hearts desire and satisfaction in God alone.  May He be your treasure and single great reward.  May the life that is in and though Him grow into a giant tree of righteousness throughout your life, that  becomes His life imparted to you.

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