Before the Bible Was Banned

0625-waggoner-schoolprayer-550x358American education from its beginning incorporated the greatest selling, most popular, and singularly most unique book of all time, the Bible, in its curriculum.  American education began in the churches and synagogues.  Later it was essentially taken over by state and local governments, with the federal government currently making an attempt to take over.  However, even then the Bible was still used in teaching many subjects, such as reading, history, literature, etc.  The early world history contained in the Bible… was taught; considering when the Bible was written and it’s factual reliability, which had been under scrutiny for centuries without any findings of error. This made it an excellent reference source.  The wisdom, poetry, and prose found in the Bible is outstanding among literature.  These and other reasons make the Bible an outstanding educational resource.  Banning the Bible from American schools in the mid sixties was the single most devastating thing that was done to the quality and effectiveness of primary and secondary education.  Clearly, banning the most popular book of all time is unfounded and unwise.  In contrast, many scurrilous books of very limited literary, historical, or social value, much less popularity, have been vigorously protected and promoted by those who are responsible for engineering a massive decline in America’s public education.  The wisdom of the Bible is unmatched and unequalled in any single book.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian law, principles, and the constitution and founders relied upon the Bible for foundational wisdom for our Nation.  Even though the founders were not christian in the majority they were Theist and saw the value of the world’s greatest book to the nations populous.  There is no evidence that schools or teachers were disguised christian preachers rather than educators, nor was this disastrous decision (banning the Bible) supported by a majority of parents, instead a vocal minority of atheists, self-righteous, self-appointed do-gooders abused the courts to accomplish their will against common sense, decades of successful history, and an unwitting population.  Some states do have good comparative religion lessons in their textbooks that accurately describe the Bible and many state supported colleges have the Bible as literature courses, however, this is minimal and does not recognize the significance nor importance of the Bible – the greatest book of all time.  James Fenimore Cooper wrote , “The Deerslayer”, in 1841; it is a totally secular book of fiction.  Cooper comments on the bible, “It is another peculiarity of the comprehensive wisdom of the bible, that scarce a chapter, unless it be strictly, narration, can be turned to, that does not contain some searching truth that is applicable to the condition of every human heart, as well as to the temporal state of its owner, either through the workings of that heart, or even in a still more direct form.”

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