Inclusion Misinterpreted

imagesDictionaries define inclusion as the act or state of being included in a group or substance. It appears that this definition violates the rule that a word should not be defined using a variation of the word; thus some have redefined it for their own political advantage.  They use it in connection with their attempt to increase their power through division of American society by promoting and creating new and emerging “minority” groups. Inclusion is the banner and battle cry for these insignificant groups, (they use “minority” to suggest…a historical legitimacy).  Their objectives are to, 1) assert that they are victims because they are small and many people differ, disagree, or hold a contrary view, 2) claim that their rights have been denied, because their minority is not represented in every other group that exists and/or the majority that has unrightfully excluded them, 3) demand that they be given special treatment, special favor, special protection, priority, and dedicated government benefits, as a result of items 1 and 2 above, 4) that all others, especially the majority, recognize their rights, as they define them, and  acknowledge the legitimacy, truth, and validity of their beliefs, actions, and political goals, irrespective of any other beliefs or opinions to the contrary, 5) give their appointed representatives or certain  leaders of their minority, control in any and all government or civic bodies of authority, 6) permit no distinction between legally established classes which are based on constitutional protections, such as freedom of religion, or items over which one has no control, such as race, color, disability, gender, etc., even though there may be no actual distinction, other than a political view or chosen behavior.

The deceptive nature of the words “inclusion” and “minority” would fail if other more accurate words were substituted for their real objectives.  For example, “penetration” or “subversion” are more descriptive of these actions and goals, but are too obvious.  These so-called minorities are merely groups of like-minded individuals.  Dawning the cloak of “minority” may suggest circumstances that are totally unwarranted and distinguished in fact.

Our society has been a tolerant society, perhaps more so than any in history, so it is no surprise to find some who take advantage for their own selfish purposes.  We can not and should not cease being tolerant of those with different opinions and beliefs, but tolerance is not acquiescence.  America has had a history of fraud and abuse when big government over-steps boundaries established in the constitution.  Political causes and parties masquerading under the guise of victims, should be treated as any other political entity, and political parties do not warrant special preferences.  Their speech is protected, as well as other lawful activities, but our Constitution guarantees them no priority, special favor or funding.

Nevertheless, our hope is not in a government, but rather the one and only true God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and His one and only son, Yeshua, Messiah.



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