Realizations of Truth

psalm_119_121___daily_bible_verse_by_bible_quote-d9dkxj5You are not good and you cannot be good in any significant and material degree or in
any way that actually matters at all.
You cannot do anything that is good, your good intentions and efforts to do good deeds are insignificant; you can however, forgive those who hurt you and mistreat you, and you can be kind to them or at least not strike back in word or deed.You can not supply for yourself in any complete sense, your immediate wants maybe temporarily mollified, but they can not be satisfied.  Your awareness of your need may be distracted, but the need remains.  For example, you need ample nutritious meals with all sorts of minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, calories, etc.  You can get some candy or ice cream, which will tide you over for a while, but without a continuous supply of food you will starve.

You can not

get, find, make, buy, take, what you think you want or need.

You are broken beyond repair; your thoughts are ultimately wrong; your strength is very limited and runs out; your desires are selfish and faulty; your feelings and instincts are false.  You have no reliable or sufficient resource, ability, or talent.

You are needy, requiring help, direction, supply, instruction, assistance, rest, peace, sustenance, love, nutrition, nurturing, kindness, affection, care, healing (because you will be injured and get sick), sleep, cleansing (you will get filthy), truth (you will fall prey to lies whether from others or your self), companionship, and much, much more.

You don’t know where to go or how to get there.

You need God; this has been your heart cry from the start, “Lord, I need you, I need you, I need you.”

There is good news – God is here… and He loves you! You belong to Him; You are not your own. He has not abandoned you.

Now, rest in His arms and go back to sleep.

This was a bullet point list that came to me in prayer a few hours ago, upon which I have amplified.  I do in times of quiet or tedium and most often, upon recollection of pain or regret, cry out verbally, “I need you…” to God. I have wondered why I feel so compelled to proclaim this, but it is like Ps. 119:121 and other scriptures.  Truth spoken and heard brings peace, inevitably.

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