From Start To Finish

Tower-of-Babel3During man’s first thousand years or so mankind honed his wickedness, a turning point began when he decided to build a tower to heaven.  God saw this and out of His great mercy He confused the language of men and separated them across the face of the earth. Over the next  several thousand years kingdoms of men rose up and fought wars in an attempt to rule the entire world, these are enumerated in a vision given to Nebuchadnezzar and interpreted by Daniel, the Prophet of God.  The vision of a statue making up four kingdoms, a Gold head – Babylonian; Silver arms and chest – Medo-Persian; Bronze belly and thighs – Greek; Iron legs and feet- Roman.  During the iron kingdom God will establish a kingdom that will crush all the others and never pass away, an eternal kingdom.  This is God’s Kingdom and the King of Kings, Messiah Yeshua.  His Kingdom will be finalized with the return of Yeshua to Israel.

In these last two of thousand years the world of men continued much as it had in the prior eight thousand or so years.  Men  worked to raise food and utilized horses and animals in that process, stone and wood tools were made to work with initially, then copper was found, then bronze, iron, and steel.  In the last hundred years or so, man has developed mechanized equipment and discovered forms of energy to operate them, such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity, along with gun powder that changed drastically methods of warfare.  In the last few decades man has bridged the communication gap so that a unified people may once again come together to build a tower to heaven, under the banner of a one world government, instituted by a false messiah.  This will be once again interrupted by God who will finalize the eternal establishment of His everlasting Kingdom, with Yeshua Messiah effecting the condemnation of the enemy and his followers.

The spring of time is very long and wound around many times, but the last few revolutions comprise the tension that causes the spring to move extremely fast when the final trigger is released.  “Know this with the Lord a thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years.” (2 Pet. 3:8).  As small as we are and weak, when we realize it, God cares for His people.   Rest in His providence and drink from the river of His delights. (Ps. 36:8).

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