I Am Not Who I Seem

3d9337d735f00b23b993d88c1780dbdc--holy-spirit-god-isMy weakness and obscurity hide my true identity.  Like a plain blade of grass I blend into the vast lawn of humanity.  My true self is further concealed by the shadows of the great and powerful, caused as the light catches their image at angles to cast a tall and wide caricature of themselves.  I lie down and bow low before my family, whom I serve at my Father’s request. The children and infants are small indeed, to whom this world seems populated entirely by giants who carry then about as a sack of potatoes.  So I get down on my knees and see the small one’s eye to eye, and place my ear close to hear their soft voices.  The simple wonder and delight of children is not foreign or beneath my interest. I share in their directness, innocence, and trusting openness and we embrace each other in the purest love.

I have learned much through the hardships to which I have been called, and overcoming them has taught me where strength and power reside.  The lessons in my life have led to no degrees or titles of distinction, but they have taught me obedience through suffering.  I have learned the peace of solitude, amid the grinding squealing wheels of this world’s noisy strivings.  Rejected by the world as worthless and unfit, I waited still, but ready as the whirlwind passed, then the earth quake and claps of reverberating thunder, then the lightest whisper called to me in a still soft voice, “You are not your own, you are mine”.

I was adopted into the family of the King, so my natural features do not resemble Him, but by and through His grace and mercy, He is remaking me into His likeness.  He walked these paths I tread but without slip or misstep, but when I stray He sets me free and leads me beside still waters, that I may drink freely and eat without cost.  All my thoughts are open to Him and my desire is to dwell in His presence.  So I seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.

I have been imbued with strength and authority.  I have a counselor and comforter to live in me, who leads me into all truth and speaks what I need to hear from my Father.  I may feel alone sometimes, but I am never forsaken or left to those who seek to destroy me.  I am a joint heir with the Son and when the time is right all things will be subjected to Him.  For my part, I have surrendered all I am to Him already and have become His indentured servant.  He has given me a position and calling on which I take my stand.  He has equipped me with armour and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. No power in heaven or earth is able to either snatch me from His hand, nor to separate me from His love.  I asked and He gave me wisdom; I sought and found righteousness in Him; I knocked and the door to eternal live was opened to me, that I may gaze upon the beauty and glory of the Lord.

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