A Prophets Call

john-baptist-lds-art-parson-39541-print.jpg“Prepare the way for the Lord.”  To this day the cry of the prophet rings clear and loud in the wilderness of this world. “Make straight paths for Him”.  Calling for repentance and pointing the direct way to Messiah Yeshua and the salvation He brings.  Those to whom this message is sent are wandering in the wilderness lost but searching for peace from the tyranny of the world.  They are drawn away from the crowd in their desperation.

The prophet is also compelled by the truth and vision that he has been given.  He is on a mission to proclaim the message that there is hope with the coming of Yeshua.  He calls for repentance, turning from sinful ways and the path of destruction.  This message is heard and received because it has Divine authority and power.  The sin-sick people are weary of the deceitfulness of sin.  It promises happiness and satisfaction, but it gives only thirst and pain, and takes away all peace and rest in its unending cycle of slow death.

The Lord of all is coming to proclaim good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.  It is a mission of Love because He cares for His own and is their savior, redeemer and friend.  The prophet knows this and that the Messiah will take away the sin of the world that has captured his people.  This took place when John the Baptist proceeded Yeshua Messiah.  Many in Israel answered the call of John and followed Yeshua.

Today, God Almighty is still sending out prophets to call all who have ears to hear the call of repentance from dead works and to turn to the living God.  These messengers proceed the Lord by drawing people to the only source of life.  It is out of His great mercy and grace that God sends a herald before Him, calling out to those appointed for life evermore.  The Lord invites us to come to Him, He knocks on the door of our hearts.  He blows the trumpet announcing His judgments.  He calls and anoints prophets to foretell what is yet to come.  In His great mercy He calls and waits with patience; He sends others and leaves no room for misunderstanding, lastly He sends His only Son.

One of the enemy’s best tactics is to foment the lie that we are worthless.  Being weak, fallible and having a natural brokenness is not the same as being worthless.  A precious stone may be encrusted with impurities and marred on its surface, but when the master grinds, cuts its facets and polishes it, the precious stone reveals a priceless gem hidden within.  God made us to show forth His Glory, for relationship and to be members of His family.  You are of great value; hear and obey the truth; respond to the Spirit’s call to repent, aligning toward the Lord, heading directly to Him.  He is coming for you!

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