Dilemma Solved

UnknownGod demands perfection.  There is little dispute with this premise, it seems to be self-validated.  It is certainly taught by all major religions, apparently a God with lower standards would simply not be worthy of any religious service.  This brings us to a human response – reject God altogether, promote existentialism, science, and equate theory to fact.  This is a trifecta solution, no demands of perfection, no religious duty, and exaltation of self.  When we were in college, my friend had a more straight-forward approach he called it, “The God of what’s happening now.  If it feels good do it.”  I think he was far more honest than the atheist.  Even so, there are multitudes that reject the God of the Bible, specifically, since He is the only true God, the one who created all men and put within us a knowledge of right and wrong; the conscience within that warns of moral danger, and the recognition of God in and through His creation.

Of course the agnostics simply ignore all these issues.  I think they have a less honest burgeoning branch of “Selective agnostics”, those who ignore or substitute whatever they find difficult or distasteful.  President Obama said he didn’t believe in a God who would condemn a Hindu child in India to Hell.  When asked what sin was, Mr. Obama replied,  “it is when I’m not true to my values.”  These are good illustrations of  man’s reasoning exalted above truth, justice, and mercy.

God’s law is perfect and will not pass away.  God knew we were flawed and fallen, unable to meet the standards of His law.  He sent Yeshua Messiah, His only Son to fulfill the law for all who believe on and accept Yeshua as Messiah.  This supreme act of love, God giving His one and only son for sinful men, is the greatest event in human history and it has incomparable eternal spiritual implications.

I ran into a Canadian in Mexico and told him I was a believer.  He told me he was a Christian and Catholic and treated everyone fairly and was polite.  I responded, “That has nothing to do with Christianity.”  He said, “What dose?”  I said Yeshua, Jesus, that’s His Hebrew name, it’s all about Him.”  My prayer is that the name of Yeshua will sow seed and draw the man to God who alone is the grantor of eternal life.

My friend Ken Rideout, wrote a great book entitled, “The Truth You Know You Know”.  He spent his life ministering in Loas and Southeast Asia, which is one of the most resistant societies to the good news of Yeshua.  He told me how he was able to open many to the Truth.  He would ask them, “Do you believe in truth…Do you know God created the world…Do you know God is love…?”  They were ambivalent or had some strange answer always to every inquiry and demanded proof of God’s existence.  Finally, He asked, “Is it right for me to kill your children and ravage your wife?”  Everyone answered, “No.”  Then he said, “Prove it is wrong?”  They were silent.  He explained that God needs no proof, He put the knowledge of Himself in every man.  No matter what nationality, language, or culture we all know this is wrong.  God our maker has written His image of love and moral righteousness upon every human heart. Moreover, if I loved you so deeply that I would die for you, would I lie to you, cheat or rob you; would I mistreat you in any way?  “No”, was again the answer.  He told them about Yeshua’s death for them as God’s demonstrated love, a love that is self-evident, so much so, that a young child can understand it and everyone irrespective of their origin, culture, or background. Lord Yeshua, let your truth written on our hearts and the message of God’s love triumph over the lies of the enemy.

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