A Prayer From/To God

juanes_stefanus_gestenigd_grt.jpgGod is beyond our understanding in what He does.  He accomplishes the impossible. What is more unfathomable and impossible than taking a killer who is opposed to God and making a devout believer of him.  It requires transformation, making a new creation.  This is part of the reason that we do not judge others.  It is not over until the Lord says so and we leave this world.  The Lord wants us to forgive our enemies and it may be that this act of forgiving grace releases the power of God.  As Stephen was being stoned he asked the Lord to forgive those who were doing it; Saul was there and approved his stoning.   Also, it is the creative nature of the Lord to take nothing and make something out of it.  Moreover, just as the Lord transformed Rabbi Saul into Paul the Apostle, I know God has taken wicked sinners and made them into children of God.

I was lost, but He found me and saved me and made me into a new person.  My prayer is that God will do this in our day.  This is robbing Hell to populate Heaven.  No one is righteous or deserves Heaven, but God’s unmerited favor and amazing grace have saving power.  When we pray according to God’s word, in line with what He has done and according to His will and loving nature we may have confidence that our prayer has been heard.  A beautiful thing about prayer is that as we are obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit He leads us in praying according to His will, and we know for certain that our prayer is heard.  We may never know the person about whom our prayers are directed. We may never see the answer fulfilled, but we know that it has been accomplished.  Can you pray the prayer of faith, knowing it is done, amen.

Lord, Yeshua, raise up an army in our day of prayer warriors, like the 144,000 who will appeared with you, who stand with you and sing a new song that roars like rushing water and a load peal of thunder, but as beautiful as harpists.  Lord, let this harmonious prayer rise to you as an acceptable offering, to bring your will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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