Worship God Alone

Revelation1024_2048x2048Worship is essential to the human being.  It is a central element in our purpose.  It is intertwined with our purpose and destiny to have relationship with Eternal Father God. He created us in His image as a three-part person to reign with Him in Yeshua Messiah through Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit).  This full mystery of God’s purposes are deep and beyond our complete comprehension, but worship is innate and prominent throughout human history.  Even ancient and current day pagans seek worship, but they worship what their senses and minds imagine.  They fashioned idols of wood, stone or metals, until today when their idols became humanistic, through false science and mysticism.  Of course, false religions were spawned by pagans through demons. “Do I mean then that food sacrificed to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything?  No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.” (1 Cor. 10: 19-20).

Man-made religions are too numerous to describe, but they all have a few things in common.  Religious duties to mimic worship and the lie that man can be good enough to earn and deserve eternal life or even eternal nothingness.  Modern secular humanists worship creation, beauty, power, money, fame and humanity itself.  The enemy knows the we are made to worship, so he deceives the lost to worship himself or anything other than the one true God. The enemy can not remove what God has created in each person, but he can wrap and thwart it through lies.  “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” (Mark 4:25).  This is true about the innate desire to worship God.

True worship is from and to the only true God.  All through the old covenant God warned His people against idol worship.  “Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” (Exodus 34: 14).  “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” (Deut. 6:13, Luke 4:8).  When they asked Yeshua what was the greatest commandment, “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ ” (Matt. 22:37).  This is accomplished through worship, as well as other acts of obedience.

Obeying God is loving God.  Worship proceeds from those who love God.  God established set times for worship, but we find that whenever God brought about victory or deliverance, His people would break out in worship.  King David was a musician and had a heart of worship, after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13: 14).  It may be that David was first a worshiper and learned music as a means of expressing worship.  “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.  God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” (John 4: 23-24).

As soon as Yeshua was born people began to worship Him.  When the Holy Spirit moves among the people of God worship naturally breaks out.  It is not lively music or even praise that brings forth worship, although it is fitting to praise God.  God is Spirit and His worshippers must worship in Spirit.  It is the presence and indwelling Holy Spirit that enables acceptable worship.

In the end days the enemy will rise up to make war upon the people of God. “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.  He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thess. 2: 3-4).  It’s very serious, but can you imagine directly opposing God, the Sovereign, infinite power, it is utter foolishness.  Since, we have the program in the book of Revelations and therefore know how this reality ends, we rest assured God is triumphant as always, but is there ever any doubt.  I believe the doubt lies with us, because we may experience a brief suffering before the final act is complete.  We see how pervasive the enemy’s influence will become, “All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.” (Rev. 13: 8).

All humans will keep worshipping.  The lost will worship the enemy and the saved, whose names are securely recorded in heaven, will continue to worship Yeshua, Messiah who will return to earth as He promised.  The King of Kings, Yesuhua, Messiah will come to destroy the enemy completely.  “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.  With justice he judges and wages war.  His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns.  He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.  He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.  The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean.  Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations.  He will rule them with an iron scepter.  He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.  On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: King of kings and Lord of lords.” (Rev. 19: 11-16).

This vision of the Victory of the Lord Almighty is true and will come to pass.  The population of heaven worships God just as believers do daily, but in Heaven we will be united together dressed in white among the angels, twenty-four elders, four living creatures and we will worship God in His very presence throughout eternity. (Rev. 7: 9-16).  This is why we were made to worship, it is one thing we do today that we will continue to do in heaven.

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