Note to Self

206300_f450When you seem confined, it may be that God has set you aside in order to love you and discipline you for His purposes.  This is true for prisoners, whom He loves so much that He has used the police and justice system to confine them in prison where they can be quiet, listen to Him alone, and rest from the forces that were destroying them body, soul, and spirit.

In confinement it is possible to become open to His voice.  There the tension and strife of self pursuit can release, relax, and be still.  Have you ever realized while just sitting there, that your every muscle was strained tight with tension, and for no reason, then only, do you really begin to relax the muscles that constant tension has drawn tight.  I remember when my children were very young and I was putting them to bed, I would have them lay on their back with arms and legs straight.  Then I would gently pick up each extremity and shake it until they relaxed. Lastly, I would have them release all the tension from their shoulders, neck and face.  They loved this and would say, “Daddy, relax me,” at bed time.

Releasing tension in your body leads to relaxed muscles.  Letting go of worry and mental stress leads to peace of mind.  Submitting your future, plans, and destiny to God’s will lead to Spiritual renewal.  In a place of rest and peace, you can pray and ask, Why.  Why am I here? Where did I go astray?  What is it that I need to hear and obey?  However, over time the questioning begins to fade to insignificance and what remains is you and God.

I don’t mind repetitive, even tedious tasks, when I wish to have a clear mind.  Analysis, calculation, planning are not necessary when, with a shovel in hand, I’m digging in the ground. Just as laying still thinking only of God’s Glory, mercy and majesty gives muscles time to relax.  So does speaking less, hearing only silence and renewing the mind in the Word of Go. Waiting on the Lord will allow the body, soul, and spirit to come under the healing hand of the Lover of your soul.

Your pathway will not be destroyed while your feet are off it, but the treadmill leading nowhere will stop when you are released from its bondage.  Freedom, it is for freedom that Yeshua set you free.  God desires a conversation with us, not of blabbering, but full of purpose and love. God tells us to pray, Yeshua taught us to pray, the Spirit groans without words and intercedes for us.  God responds, He answers prayer, He speaks to us Spirit to spirit; He knows our thoughts before they are formed in our minds and His voice goes out into all the world.  You can and do hear His voice. He says, “I love you,” and reaffirms His love in a myriad of ways and means.

Be still.

Be still.

Be still and know that I am God.

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